Liaison with Silence at Powerscourt Garden

A long avenue guarded in meander by trees and view. A hill and valley, a resting horse and mother’s strolling with the child.

A social distance kept in time mark three.

And through the courtyard, to the walled garden, Versailles, Schonbrunn and here through golden leafed gates at Powerscourt the garden is.

Both essence and existence.

A masked visitor, and statues of Greek begin, and wisdom paths through shrubs of nursing care embedded an ancient titles soul.

Pass the lake, with effusive flow from hinterland of water.

Spring to come as surgeons tend their trees cutting back branches of past growth.

And evening in lengthen mood

of light.

My father prunes with care to make it yield abundant fruit.

And then that view.

The sugar loaf, to sweeten the gardens end, and view the valley.

Nature hold a thousand sweetness

As covid hints at limited destruction.

Even the pollen holds the cure in many plants.

The avenue leads back from this

Picturesque escape

A Trappist delight

By: Bernard, Wicklow

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