I Was Not Alone

I was not alone on that hot July Day

As you held my hand and led me gently away,

Away to lands where I could not travel,

Through Powerscourt gardens the world would soon unravel.

During the Covid Pandemic Ireland is my base,

The urge to roam took me to this majestic, historic place,

I found myself wandering through sentries of trees,

Surrounded by birds, butterflies and industrious honey bees.

The sunlight wriggled playfully in the tideless lake,

A bronzed group of children, a smile on me they make,

Tinkling water plays tunes against green grotto walls,

I toss a coin in a wishing well, it sparkles as it falls.


Winged horses posed elegantly in eternal flight,

And muscular rippled men spitting boldly with their might,

Dolphins arched gracefully by a fountain in a pond.

I'm happily lost in dreamland and perhaps far beyond.

Poppies frolicking delicately in the summer breeze,

Herbaceous borders sitting quite merrily at ease,

A striking erect pepper pot shaped like a tower,

The Bamberg Gate appears, my imagination’s now on fire.

I'm led enticingly around the world in splendid style,

Without wandering from my little green mossy isle,

Maybe to Japan then Italy, onto America and Germany.

What's around that next corner?  I just can't wait to see.

I was not alone on that hot July day,

As you held my hand and led me gently away,

It was Mother Nature who took my empty hand

And guided me through wonderous gardens, and into wonderland.

By Bernadette O’Neill

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