As I Roam the Gardens

Softness of the earth embracing my steps

sinking deep

holding the memories, the footprints of the past

Bees buzz hydrangeas

their blooms an artist palette

drifting the mind to world beyond

drifting the mind to grandeur of the ballroom

of the visit of Princess Grace

a child then, I watched

enthralled the flicking images of glamour on television

Images of steps opening to gardens where imagination took flight

embrace of life to nature

blossoms of new beginnings.

Flight of buzzard

shadowing light

trees like guardians to the past

holding tall their secrets

in fields beyond horses graze the richness of belonging

from tamed nature to wildness

the shaded growth of years

luring wizardry in stretch of mountainscape

rousing the dreamer in thrill of birdsong

in the softness of the earth

in the fragrance of life

in the birthing blossoms of new buds

in the fountains that spill their dreams

I find my soul

By Eliza Homan

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