Go Now

Go, go now

And tell them

Tell them it’s happening soon

Spring is arriving at Powerscourt

Together we’ll meet at noon

Tell them to gather by Triton Lake

And there wait

For Spring’s beauty

Will make their heart’s ache


Tell them to stand by the Waterfall

To close their eyes

And imagine they see the Sika

Then to open again

For their eyes will sparkle

And will tell the tale

Of the Sika deer seen this day


Tell them we shall gather in the borders

We shall stroll the endless

Sweet streams of scented blooms

Becoming dizzy in the perfumed air

Then fortify our hearts among the roses

In the Walled Garden just over there


Chilly though it may be

We will band together once more in the Fall

And thank Nature for her beauty

A gift to one and all


In Winter, She rests

We thank her for her bounty

We will court her again in Spring

When Nature’s happening will sing

And hearten at Powerscourt Gardens

By: Androniki, Age 70, Dublin


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