A Gaze of Paradise

So mesmerised by the water
The way it pours over
Lubricating the foundations like a wet eye

Its a getaway type of sight

You just want it to wash your stresses away altogether

Cleanse your mind, body and soul

Rejuvenating those emotions

Waking-up to a whole new halo

The sun above feeding us nothing

But with its strength

That intensity warms the chills in my bones

One cant accumulate contempt

What nature calls for

Because its in our nature

Why do you think we're here for?

Like paper derived from trees

That man built

Sow from seeds

Feel the tranquility

Am i really about to sleep?

But i wont

Its that feeling that makes me close my eyes

Its a scenario you simply cant resist

Im far too preoccupied

So much to take -in

Its enough to ressurect my ones own mind

I can take myself to a destination

Where nobody can find my thoughts

Just to have some time to reflect ,focus and absorb

Without no speculations

The scenery is just so green

Man-made creations are here to play and stay

That flowing water entices me to express my feelings

And flow like the rhythm of a wave

Theres something about water

That mimics the reflection of myself

Its the way it captures the audience

And crashes on everything else

The look of it has a calming effect

When my aura gets upset

I can visualise it giving me a rub on my head

Telling me to move on again

And start afresh

Just like it I am blessed to feel its effects of the H2o

Flowing in my veins

Im sure it will be honoured to know

I resort to it when i want to physically explode

Ive got that running composure

It restrains me

To the point where im shakened and stirred

With regards to water

Im more than meet the eye

Theres more to me than that substance of a tear-jerker

By Natalie Peterson

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