Flowers in bloom

Flowers in bloom are everywhere.

The colours are amazing.

The smell in  like perfume.

The ray of colours are like a rainbow.

The bees are dancing and the lady birds are flying around so happy and  plentiful.

Roses and sun Flowers are dancing in the wind

The sun is shining from top to bottom

The water is flowing freely

The colours of the flowers are so brightly.

Full of growth.

Full of fresh water.

The water is like a drop of freshness.

The wind will blow.

All the flowers will dance .

The colours various from blue,green,pink,orange,yellow and red.

This is like a sea full of flowers to grow freely.

Beauty is shining in every flower.

The  leaves are full of colour

The rain drops fall from the leaves.

The sound is silent.

Looking at the flowers are so peaceful.

They are full of magic.

They are in a league of their own.

In the day time they will dance.

In the night they will sleep.

Flowers in bloom are beautiful..

Flowers will give us happiness.

Flowers will give us sadness.

Flowers will be seen in our houses and hotels and our hospitals.

Flower power is great.

Flower power is magic.

The world is a great place for flowers.

Flowers will bring happiness to our life.

Red rose.

Pink rose

Yellow rose.

All will have a great value

Flowers will bring happiness to both young and old.

The world is full of small and large flowers full in bloom.

Flowers are powerful

Flowers will say a lot about us.

Flowers are smiling.

Flowers are happy.

Flowers are free from worry.

They will grow each year.

Each telling a different story.

Three cheers for the flowers in bloom

Hip hip a ray

Hip hip a ray.

Hip hip a ray.

To look at the flowers is amazing.

Full of wonder

Full of care.

Flowers will bring peace to our hearts.

Ellen Cullen

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