To Empress Julia

I feel the misty air, at daybreak, seep into my bones.

I look around the gardens you called home,

I dare to walk the paths your canines took,

I’ve explored every cranny, every nook.

The roses melt into my childhood heart,

Pet cemetery; it spears me like a dart.

The walk uphill? I liken to Ben Nevis,

I’ve found a moment etched in every crevice.

And fountains pulse in glory every day,

The leaves they fall, the seasons find their way,

And all awhile the tourists tread your path,

Your house…a beacon in its aftermath…

The pond, the view, the trees, the shrubs, the bloom,

A haven, perhaps observed from your bedroom…

Farewell to Empress Julia - August 7th  (my birthday),

Your requiem? a little piece of heaven!

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