The open moon and shaded sun

Ignite their light on rhodadendron

Blooms so large, sparks pure joy

Winding path cannot destroy

the peace, the calm, the slow walked pace

Leads me to the flaming acer, vibrant, gentle, so serene

Fit for emporers and japenese queens

Gentle waters babble and flow

Spring to life, nature's hedgerows

Butterflies, bees and ladybirds

Enticing all the boys and girls, to pepper pot Tower, such a thrill

Climbing up and looking out

Prince and princesses lark about

Keeping safe this precious place

That's filled with beauty, filled with grace

A flush of roses, assault my senses

Fragrant perfume, no pretences

Colourful blooms, delicate but strong

Lift the gloom as does the bird song

Breathe in the power that it courts

Get lost in the wonder, dazzled by it all!

By: Caroline, Wexford

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