I’m full up, brimming with a mix of anxiety sorrow and upset along with those feelings I have no name for. Emotions without a cause, without a word to describe or connect them to.

I start my walk,

My eyes wander without instruction, drawn to the bright light between the trees, dappled dancing light turning greens to pure lime, moss and gold, shadows playing light tricks all around.

A space within me opens,

Shoulders drop,

Breath slows, deepens, beauty quietens the havoc separateness and sorrow.

Connection arrives without effort,

I turn and let it be, I drink it in, quenching the thirst of my soul.

I lean into the old brown trunk of the great oak tree, and feel it’s strength, grounding me, I draw its stability in unstable times.

I move on, dropping my coat of anxiousness and emerging into twisting paths of the river, each turn more bliss that the last. Birdsong, water flowing leaves dancing fill  my heart with joy as I am as one with this beautiful place. I return to my car. Nothing has changed yet all has changed in this hour.

By: Una, Wicklow

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