A Classical Tour of Powerscourt Gardens

Apollo surveys

A green landscape far from home,

Now he’s made his own.

Artimis stands near,

Goddess of the wilderness,

Respect please my deer.

From his conch shell spouts

Sparkling sprays to catch the light,

Triton splashes out.

Step down to the damp

Trickling walls of moist green dew,

Pan plays here at night.

The sound of water

Threading through a see of green,

Infusing Japan.

Giants of the plant world,

Evergreen, deciduous,

Together they stand.

Mercury on his rock,

Naked as his fellow friend

Woodland spirit Faun.

Laocoon’s anguish,

Horse, now serpents here destroy,

Troy would not listen.

Freed from fire and ash,

Posed to run another day,

Bronze eternal youths.

By Grainne Doyle

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