A Child’s Interpretation of Nature

Through a child's eyes,

Nature is clear

The sky is coloured blue

Without a doubt of fear


Next grass follows with the simple colour green

No complications or confusion can be seen


The ocean is tricky, mixed with swirls of blue and green

The child's brow begins to furrow

And frown lines can be seen


The birds and the butterflies

Are intricate and small

Unlike the willowing trees

That stand upright and tall


The child becomes impatient

As it has one last thing to do

Its mental box of crayons

Has become very hard to use


The child cannot put a finger on

The colour they are trying to describe

It is powerful and strong

As if the colour is alive


They come to realise

That there is no colour or hue

To describe someone as beautiful

And magical as you.

By: Emily, Age: 15, Galway

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