The Changing Seasons

As I looked out the window a north wind blew

It was cold and damp and I was feeling blue

Some birds chittered chatted

And a passing horse hooves clittered clattered

As the last of the apples had gotten redder an redder


The grass beneath my feet was soft and glittering

with a crunch that said Autumn is calling

As the days grow shorter and the leaves turned browner

The weather may get wetter but the fruit tastes better.


Winter is up next with the white snow falling

and I can almost hear St Nicholas calling.

But first we need a tree and for the decorations

With holly growing, and the mistletoe falling

Mingled with the sweet smell of Mothers Christmas pudding

I hear carol singers singing and the sweet robins chirping

Its Christmas time, so Santa clause must be near


Now that Christmas is over

And the days are getting longer

The daffodils are growing

And Spring is just around the corner

There is so much to look forward to St. Patricks day, Easter and summer

but most of all a new year and new beginning.

By Ellen Mac Devi

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