Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

The Mighty Nerds

Balbriggan Educate Together, 4th and 5th Classes, 10/03/10
Once upon a time there was a blue angel named Salpilto Mangingi. He was in a cave when his mom fell out. The Firey Salito Mango Colambus Alsitibi took his mom.

Salpilto crawled into a corner and started crying because his mom was taken. He was looking at his notes on how to be a nerd.

JJ Versus The Turbo Medicine

Balbriggan Educate Together National School 3rd Class 10 March 2011
Once upon a time there was a monkey called JJ Bananaskin. He lived in Hawaii, the place where they have very nice jet-skis.

One day, it was very hot and JJ decided to make a smoothie, only it didn’t go to plan. He forgot to put the lid on the blender and one of the bananas burst out and went into his ear.

Attack of The Teacher

3rd and 4th Class 5th March 2010
Once upon a time there were two Plutanians called Klalak and Kaeraeahj.  They were on their way to their first day of school when they said

“Ah, we don’t want to go to school.”

So they decided to ditch school. 

100% Random

St. Patrick's NS, Glencullen, 3rd and 4th Classes, 03/03/10
Once upon a time there was a mole who lived in a hole.One day, He raced his ferrari through the woods and some squirrels on pogo sticks started chasing him, which was his greatest fear.

They also had paint ball guns and water bombs.

When Blenders Attack

Dublin 7 Educate Together, 6th Class, 01/03/10
Phil walked around a factory and saw his dad working at the big chocolate blender. He ran over to his dad and slipped on a melted chocolate button.

He fell into the blender, the sound of the machines amplified his fear.

The Wolf's Adventure

Monkstown Educate Together National School, 2nd class
Once upon a time there was a mummy wolf who had a baby wolf. The baby’s name was Scruffy. 

The wolf really really wanted to be human.  He was scared of the hunters. They had killed his mother.

The hobo Pope

Our Lady of Victories, 5th and 6th Class, 23/02/10
Once upon a time there was a pope living in Rome. His name was John-Bob 117th.

Somehow he fell off the balcony as he was saying a prayer and broke his leg and couldn’t afford the hospital bills so they kicked him out.

A Marshmallow's Life

St. Fiachra's JNS, 2nd Class, 17/02/10
There was once a marshmallow called Squishy and she liked chocolate. Squishy had a best friend called Biker the Robot who rode a motorbike.

Squishy’s greatest wish was to bathe in hot chocolate.

Pancake Dragon's Adventure

St. Fiachra's JNS, 2nd Class, 16/02/10
One day, a very long time ago, Pancake Dragon woke up and he was all sore and tired. He went with his mother to the volcano. He got some fire from the volcano.

Pancake Dragon found out that instead of lava in the volcano, it was full of Nutella.

The Flying Pig

HAY After School Project  
Once upon a time there was a man named Jim Bob. He was a farmer living in Kerry with all the cows. He had to farm from inside his house which was quite difficult!

He had another house down in Port Laoise that got burnt down, killing many of his cows.


Navan Educate Together, 5th and 6th Class, 15/02/10
Ted the redhead met Hammy the giant talking burger. Ted was getting interviewed for a job at McDonalds.

When Ted sat down for the interview he broke the chair because he had too much weight. He got distracted by Hammy because he looked so scrum-diddly-umptious.

Bob, Alice And The Flying Chair

Story-writing Field trip, Ranelagh Multidenominational School, 6th class.
There was a pig on a farm. If they were looking at it that’s what people would think but it was really Alice. She was actually a person.

Beside the farm was a huge mansion where Bob lived. That morning he was busy counting his money and dreaming of the girl on the farm next door.

What Mr. Crankeyhead Eats

St. Fiachra's Beaumont, 2nd Class, 8 February 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkeys were eating breakfast in their treehouse. Mr. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey swung out of the treehouse into a lake with singing crocodiles.

Mrs. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey was ironing at the house and didn’t care about Mr. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey.

Big World Shmall Shnail

St. Fiachra's Beaumont 6th Class
Shnoot the female shnail is in a hole eating Cheerios with her best friend, Jim the antelope- he’s a boy. Suddenly they hear a big bang! It’s Apollo the Afro Man coming to take Jim away.

The two of them rush outside to investigate the noise.

Kung Fu Krisis

Bennekerry NS, 6th Class, 03/02/2010
Once upon a time in Kung-fu Land, there was an apple called Jack. He did Kung-fu.

One day something terrible happened. His mother-in-law was coming to visit.

Grease and Fur Don't Mix

Scoil Chaoimhin, 4th 5th 6th Class, 02/02/2010
 Once upon a time there was a little rabbit, called Coco, who grew up into a big rabbit.

He had a best friend called Jimmy the Rasher and they lived together in a cardboard box as big as a mansion.

Coco and Jimmy walked to a night club for a night out. Coco fell down a well on the way.

Scratchy, Mario And The Hairy Wife

St. Joseph's CBS, 5th Class, 01022010
Once upon a time in Ballybough, the health inspector walked into Scratchy’s chipper.Scratchy’s wife shouted at Scratchy “you’re too lazy to get rid of the rats!!!”

A boy walked in and bought chips for €2.99 and coke for €1. He walked out of the chipper, tasted the chips and threw them on the ground. “I should have gone to Nico’s.”

KFCs Most Wanted

Scoil Fhursa Coolock 4th Class. 19th January 2010
One day, Rasher the Gremlin was walking down the street.

Rasher was planning to rob KFC because the food was so delicious and he thought the chicken looked very nice.

Shoes Cause Hassle

Scoil Cholmcille SNS, Ballybrack, 5th Class, 14th January 2010
Once upon a horrible time, there was a footballer with high heels called Lady Blue Hand.

She loved high heels so much that she wore them in the shower and even on the football pitch. 

It's Simply Denna

St.Kevina s BNS, Finglas West. 6th Class. 16th December 2009.
Denna was walking down the road with his dog, Cula Bula.  He had a bottle of beer.

He was going down to collect his money from the labour and the security wouldn’t let him in because he had a bottle.

The Jelly Takes it All

St.Marys Rathmines. 3rd Class. 15th December 2009
Early one morning, Fred the Jelly Monster and his best friend, Jib Job Bob the Chocolate Monster, were playing rugby.

Fred said to Jib Job Bob, ”we only have twenty days before the sun comes out.