Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Tick Tock Galacticus Bob

Mount Anville Primary School, Stillorgan, 6th Class, 26 November 2013
“I’m hungry! Get me  a banana,” said Galacticus Bob, a monkey who travelled back in time from the 2060s to start up a secret spy organisation.

“How am I supposed to get you a banana?

The Story of Burgerbap

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary, Co Derry/Londonderry, P5, 26th November 2013
Once upon a time there lived a burger called Burgerbap, who made a friend called Spider Burger.

Mumbo the Penguin came after them and Burgerbap got scared.

The Wish

St Thomas’ Senior National School, Tallaght, 3rd Class, 25 November 2013
Mr Stripe the tiger was in the jungle catching prey.

His friend Bossy the lion came around to play with him.

Stranded On Earth

Model Primary School, Co Derry/Londonderry, 20th November 2013
One day, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Bob the Alien was flying in his spaceship around the world.

He was showing off his new trick spaceship. He could make it do backflips360s, loop the loops, barrel rolls, and handstands.

World War Waffle

Limavady Central Primary School, Co Derry/Londonderry Class P5, 18 November 2013, Illustrator Kirsti Kotilainen

 This is the roar of the giant man-eating waffle called Syrup, destroying a city. 

Top Secret

Notre Dame Junior School, Churchtown, 6th Class, 14th November 2013
Alicia sat in school but her mind was not there. 

She couldn’t help but think about what had happened the day before. 

Linda’s Fear

Presentation Girls’ School, Maynooth, 4th Class, 11 November 2013
Linda was backstage at Britain’s Got Talent.

She wanted to audition -  but her biggest fear was getting up on stage. Her best friend Larissa was with her to support her.

The Offer

St.Fiachra’s National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 4th November 2013
Mr Fluffy Pants the ninja unicorn was at home.

He was hiding in the closet from his ma once again. 
His ma found him.

The Secret Talent

Scoil an Chroí NaofaBallinasloe, 6th Class, 25 October 2013
One day Jim the Irish goalkeeper was in goal during training.  All of a sudden, he started to sing, “Baby, you’re a fire spark...”

As Jim was singing, one of the other players kicked the ball and it hit Jim in th head. He fell to the ground and saw little pigs flying around his head.

The Elephant and the Chicken

Scoil ChiaráinGlasnevin, P3 and P4, 23rd October 2013
Bob the robot was friends with Crodex the alien. Crodex had a big head, big eyes and he was green with a tiny tail. Bob the robot was big and he had muscles and he was silver with red eyes.

Bob and Crodex were great friends and one afternoon they were chatting.

I’m An Elephant!

St Killian’s National School, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, 5th Class, 22 October 2013
One day John the fish was swimming with his best friend, Jumbo the hippo. John said, “It’s great to be an elephant.”

Jumbo said, “You’re not an elephant. You’re a fish!”

Operation Stripes

St.Helen’s Senior National School, Portmarnock, 5th Class, 17th October 2013
Once upon a time, there was a zebra called Marty.

His best friend was Pip the strawberry. He was out in the city and that’s when it all started...

A Flush to Victory

St Mary’s BNS, Rathfarnham, 6th Class, 16 October 2013
Stefan the friendly port-a-potty was in a cave in Swaziland. 

Buni, an old woman from Romania who has bad eyesight and loves the colour red, forgot to take her pills and wandered into the cave and met Stefan.

The Battle for Sweet Land

Guardian Angels National School, Blackrock, 4th Class, 10th October 2013
Once upon a time, in Sweet Land, there was a Gobstopper called Mr. Gobstopper.

He was so hungry sometimes, it was very hard not to lick himself. Mr. Gobstopper was very colourful, friendly and he always had a smile on his face.

Love Choices

St Columba’s NS, Glasnevin, 3rd Class, 9 October 2013
Sheboki the ninja was in his training hall.

 He was on his laptop looking at a dating website. He was practising his yoga at the same time. 

The Cat’s Curse

Muslim National School, Clonskeagh, 5th and 6th Class, 7 October 2013
There was once a girl called Lucy who was turned into a ginger cat by an evil witch. She was found by the side of the road by a man who was eating Skittles.

The man looked left and right to see if the owner was around.

GTF – Grand Theft Fish

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, 6th Class, 3rd October 2013
“Hello , my name is Ozil,” said the magical fish. He was in a school of fish and he was swimming to his German class.

Ozil was saying hello to his best friend Johnny the speedy turtle.

Odis and the Kittynapper

St Brigid’s GNS, Glasnevin, 6th Class, 2 October 2013
Odis, the dinosaur with a moustache, was in the bathroom taking a bath when suddenly, Sam Sam the onion man threw an onion bomb through the window.

“That’s what you get for stealing my woman!” screamed Sam Sam as he ran away.

When Is Feeding Time?

St Patrick’s Girls National School Hollypark 5th Class 1 October 2013
Chubby the Pink Whale was swimming around a big fish tank with his best friend, Tickles the Octopus.

“I want to get out of here to reunite with my family,” said Chubby to Tickles.