Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Fizztastic Day

Griffeen Valley ETNS, 4th Class, 2 October 2012
One day, Mr Fizz and his best friend Icerella the Talking Ice Cube were talking in the fridge.

They were chatting about going to the beach. The people of the house had packed them in a basket ready to go to the beach.

Lily and Her Mysterious Grandmother

Holy Family S.N.S, Rivervalley, Swords, 5th Class, 28th September 2012
Lily was a small girl who lived in a big world.  She lived in a mansion in New York.  

One day, her parents left on a business trip to India.  Her granny, Betty, arrived to mind her. Betty was the nicest granny during the day BUT at nighttime, when the full moon came up, she turned into a witch.



There IS life on Mars!

St. Patricks National School, 5th Class, 26th September 2012
Sugar the doughnut was made by a doughnut machine in a bakery on Mars.

A scientist bought her and brought her to life in his laboratory by filling her with magic chocolate.

The Real Boy

Holy Trinity SNS, Donaghmede, 6th Class, 25th September 2012
It all started when Vangelina Van was bitten by a llama.

She was just a normal van until the bite went into the engine and magically infected her.  Ever since then, she has been the freak of all the talking cars.

The Strange Journey

Culture Night at Fighting Words, 21st September 2012
George was an unusual foster child. His family were away all the time, but he was told that his parents supposedly died in a car crash, but George believed that they are still alive.

His foster family are eight-eyed zombies.

Bob who sits on his best friend

Scoil San Treasa, Mt. Merrion, 2nd Class, 19th September 2012
Once upon a time there was a fat guy called Bob. He was in New Guinea trying to squash the president.

He was working with his best friend to squash him. Their plan was Bob was going to sit on him and Strippy would throw a salty cheese ball at him.

Hot Potato

St. Patricks National School, Greystones, 4th Class, 18th September 2012
“Hi, I didn’t see you there!” said Bob the Potato to Fred the Chip.

They were standing in the middle of an oven. Not the best place for a potato and a chip to have a conversation...

The Two Best Friends

St.Raphael’s Primary School, 5th Class, 12th September 2012
Once upon a time there was a dog called Bob who could talk but he didn’t want anyone to know.

Bob’s dream was to be a turtle.  He lived in Florida beside a water park.

The Great Cake Escape

Holy Trinity National School, Donaghmede, 6th Class, 11th September 2012
On a very cold summer’s day, there was a cigar- smoking, hip-hop dancing doughnut named Sprinkles.

She lived in the Cake & Bake  bakery.  Her best friend Craig wanted to live in the cake shop with her but he wasn’t allowed because he was too clumsy.

World War Three!

Scoil San Treasa, Mount Merrion, 3rd Class, 10 September 2012
The Veggies had broken out of prison. They were a gang of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and a carton of pea soup.

They had tattoos and they were very dangerous. The leader of the gang was the Brussels sprout.


St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 7th September 2012
“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Not another bull nightmare!” Billy Jack the cowboy elf was afraid of bulls.

He even had weekly visits with a bull specialist, who happens to be Santa. While in Santa’s waiting room, Billy Jack met his best friend, Blubber the penguin.

The Doughnut Marriage

St Columba’s National School, Glasnevin, 4th Class, 6 September 2012
Mr Fatty the angry boss was in his office with his feet up on the desk.  He was pretending to work.

His best friend, Mr McClonkey, barged in and slammed the door behind him.  Mr Fatty said, “What do you have there?”

Roxy Needs A Boyfriend

Assumption Senior Primary School, Walkinstown, 4th Class, 4th September 2012
One day Roxy was knitting, and she got a phone call from a guy called Bob.

Roxy is a purple and green Huggy Monster, with purple fur and green antennae. Roxy lived on a planet called Huggy Planet, where there are loads of monsters and they hug each other all the time. 

Daddy Quest

Phizzfest, 1 September 2012
Once upon a time, Ray, the summer elf, was having breakfast. He lived in a mushroom on a desert island.

He was eating toast with beetle jam.  Ray lived with his little sister and his friend, the blue frog, called Red.

The butcher and the princess

Holy Family Senior National School, Rivervalley, Swords, 3rd-6th Class, 18 June 2012
Once upon a time there was a butcher named Bob. Because of an accident in work, Bob had a super-soaker as a left hand.

When he was younger, Bob had a huge crush on the princess, who was the most beautiful woman in all the land.

Tree House Raider

Bennekerry National School, Bennekerry, Co. Carlow, 3rd Class, 14 June 2012
Crickles the skeleton was at home in his treehouse in the graveyard.  He was asleep in his coffin. 

His skeleton puppy, Patch, woke him up by scratching at the coffin. 


Esker Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, 13th June 2012
iPod Dude was in a football stadium in Spain, watching a match. 

He was with his friend iPad Dude.

Face the Big Bad Bunny

CDVEC Parnell Square, 11 June 2012, Illustrations by Katie Bartrand
It is one Halloween ago. Brandon and Missy are playing Monopoly.

Missy says, ‘Wuff, wuff, wuff,’ to Brandon the vampire. Brandon says, ‘No way, I’m winning the game, you silly dog.’

The Olympic Challenge

Citywise, JobstownTallaght12th June 2012
It was a nice sunny day in the kitchen. Ben had just woken up from his afternoon nap.

Ben is a clumsy purple banana who gets lots of bruises. He had just been dreaming about winning the Banana Olympics and rubbing it into Oscar the annoying Orange’s face

Simon Says

St Brigid’s National School, Castleknock, 6th Class, 11th June 2012
Simon the dwarf gazed out upon Paris, from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 

Since he was too small to see out, he was standing on one of the kiddie stools. Even still, his nose was only level with the railing because he was so small.

The Weird Couple

O’Connell’s Primary School, North Richmond Street, 5th Class, 08th June 2012 
It was a normal day in Zombieville.

Bambi the Zombie was chopping down wood for a fire because it was a cold day. As he was chopping the wood his best friend Hailey arrived.

Answering a Dream

Kildalkey National School, Meath, 6th Class, 7th June 2012 
Once upon a time there was a dog named Jam. Now Jam was no ordinary dog.

He did the voice-overs for answering machines. It was a rainy Friday in Ethiopia and Jam was sleeping in because he’d been up all night recording an answering machine message for Simon Cowell.

The Metal Dragon of Destiny

Catholic University School, Dublin 2, 3rd/4th Class, 6th June 2012
One misty day, the Devil Pig called Boris was alone on a dirty street, flying home from the Casino.

He was sad because he had lost so much money.  Twenty-five thousand Euros!  (A lot of money for the Devil Pig).