Write Club is Going Virtual!

We may not be able to meet up in the real world at the moment... so Write Club is going online. Starting on the 4th November, young writers from all over Ireland can join our Write Club community and work on their own writing with the support of Fighting Words mentors. 

What will Write Club Online look like?
Every week, on Wednesday at 2.00pm, we will release a video made by one of our talented mentors, who are all established and experienced writers. Each video will be part of a 6-8 video series covering a genre or mode of creative writing (playwriting, short fiction, poetry etc.).  In each video, you will be guided through an aspect of creative writing and then offered a writing prompt or exercise to get you started...

Write Club members watch the video in their own time: we suggest that you watch the video and then set aside a chunk of time immediately afterwards to work on the prompt and/or work on your own independent writing projects. 

Additionally, two Wednesdays a month, we will join together in a one hour Zoom session these typically take place in the evening (5.00pm) and all Write Club members are encouraged to join if they can. They are the opportunity for us to get to know each other, share thoughts and hear each other's work (if people want to share - that's always optional).

Feedback and Support from Mentors
We have a team of Fighting Words mentors on standby ready to read your work and give you the benefit of their thoughts and feedback, if you wish. We love reading your writing, so Write Club members are strongly encouraged to send pieces in. All comments will always be supportive and encouraging.

How do I join?

To join, simply fill in the registration form. All Write Club members will require parental consent to join.