Writing for Theatre - Young Playwrights Programme at the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge Co. Kildare!

Fighting Words are leading a playwriting programme at Riverbank Arts Centre that will support young writers (18-21 years) to create a new work for the stage. In a series of group workshops led by the Fighting Words team, participants will learn playwriting skills including how to write characters and structure a duologue. The writers will receive supportive feedback on their work and will be encouraged to realise their artistic vision.

Fighting Words – the creative writing centre in Dublin– is seeking an intern!

Fighting Words offers free story-writing workshops for primary school students in the mornings, creative writing workshops for secondary students in the afternoons as well as workshops covering all aspects of writing in the evenings, at weekends and during the school holidays.  All tutoring is provided by trained and vetted volunteer mentors.

Interns assist Fighting Words staff with all aspects of programme and project management.  Interns are also responsible for regular administration tasks and also assist in event planning. We offer the opportunity to work with primary and secondary school age students in a supportive and fun environment, as well as the chance to get involved in editorial work, special projects and the running of an NGO.

Volunteer with Fighting Words - Locations All Over Ireland!

Co-founded by Roddy Doyle, Fighitng Words  free creative writing programmes for children and young people at locations all over Ireland. All our pogrammes are run by teams of volunteer writing tutors. Programmes vary by location.

Volunteering with Fighting Words is flexible and fun, with no minimum commitment or previous experience required. Are you interested in working with children and young people in a creative setting? Would you like to help foster creativity and imagination? Fighting Words is the place for you!

Become a volunteer for new term 2019-20

Fighting Words Kerry host Volunteer Open Information evening; Thursday 29th August 7-9pm @ Kerry Writers Museum.

Fighting Words is a free creative writing programme developed by Roddy Doyle and Seán Love in 2009.  The programme operates on the premise that creative writing is an essential part of every child’s education: that giving children a real dedicated chance and space to explore the limitlessness of their imaginations. Fighting Words works with students of all ages to develop their creative writing skills, explore their love of writing and let their imaginations run free. 

Workshop with Barefeet Theatre, Zambia

Barefeet Theatre company from Zambia, along with Circus Zambia were in Dublin last week for a performance of 'Empyre,' a one-night circus spectacular. Ahead of their performance, the group hosted a workshop for a group of young writers from Fighting Words. 

Over the course of the day, our young writers created a curtain raiser for the show, which included singing, dancing, musical performances and spoken word. Taking the stage before the performance of 'Empyre,' the young writers kicked the evening off with an energetic and fun filled performance, setting the scene for the electric show that followed. 


Create A Picture Book Workshop - 23 August, 2019

Young writers aged 5-7 are invited to Fighting Words to create their very own picture book! Working as a group, participants will invent an original story together and see the pages of their book being created on the Fighting Words screen.

Once they have decided on the characters and plot, participants will create part of the story together, helped by Fighting Words tutors and illustrators, editing as they go. Everyone will then have time to write and draw their own individual endings to the story. 

Film Making Camp for 14-17 Years!

At the end of July we welcomed 18 young people to join us in dlr Lexicon Library to learn about film-making and then write, shoot and edit their own short film in groups.

We had a great four days, and while some technical difficulties did intervene on the final day to make things difficult, all of the teams can be extremely proud of what they achieved on the camp.

The films linked here are all unique pieces, made with care and passion by some very brilliant young people.