Introducing Ghost Quest: Pyramid Poltergeist!

In August 2018, fifteen young people came to Fighting Words to work with staff from Boulder Media and Fighting Words volunteer tutors to create an animated short.

The kids spent a week devising the story and drawing the characters and travelled to the Boulder Media studios to record the voices.

The result is GHOST QUEST - the story of a boy called Jack, his talking shoes, his dog Buddy and his great grandmother. It is full of magic, adventure and teacakes!

Ghost Quest was launched at the Odeon Point Square cinema with the support of Windmill Lane on Saturday, June 22nd in front of an audience of family and friends. Pictured are the writers, illustrators, voice artists and animators!

Many thanks to all at Boulder Media, the Fighitng Words volunteer tutor team, the staff of Odeon Point Square cinema and Windmill Lane and of course all the young people who created the story!