Come Write a Story at Fighting Words!

Date: 9 June 2012
Group - time: 10am to 12 noon for 6-8 years
Group - time: 2pm to 4pm for Families with primary school-age children.

Fighting Words is pleased to announce two story writing workshops as part of the Dublin Writers' Festival.
Working  together, encouraged and helped by Fighting Words tutors, participants will  write an original story, which they will see being typed up onto our big  projection screen in the Fighting Words centre as it's being written.

Participants will decide on the characters and plot and go through the story together  sentence by sentence, editing as they go.  A volunteer artist will provide the illustrations!  The first part of  the story together will be written together as a group, then each participant will have the opportunity to  write their own individual ending to the story, helped and encouraged  by our volunteer tutors.

The story and illustrations will be bound in a booklet and each child will receive a copy of the book to take home.  Each book will personalised with a photo of the participant on the back cover, along with space for them to write their own bio.

The first workshop is aimed at 6-8 year olds and the second at families of primary school children.

Workshops are limited to 20 participants.  All workshops are free of charge.