Ladders in the sky

By Erin

I looked out my bedroom window 

 To see a ladder reaching high 

 I wondered if anyone was looking down below looking over me from the sky

 I couldn't help the feelings that bubbled up inside I felt a hope that maybe I would get one last goodbye 

 So I prepared for the climb and then raced outside 

 And I found myself praying things wouldn't go awry 

I climbed non-stop all the way to the top 

 When I reached it I couldn't believe my eyes 

 I swear you could hear a single pin drop 

 But they were waiting to say their goodbyes 

I gave one last hug and said one last farewell And then it was time for me to make my descent On my way down I knew I shouldn't dwell 

 And as I reached the bottom I finally felt content