The Golden Man

By Seánna  age 13, Coláiste Feirste, Co. Aontroma

Have you ever met the “Man with a heart of gold”?

No? I did. Trust me when I say, what they say are lies.

He hid behind a veil of secrecy and distortion

His tales were a mere fabrication of his cruel, frozen heart

He contorts your mind, tearing you apart

While promising you a palace of your desire.

His promises where empty and full of deception

He destroyed my life with lies, fables and mischief

To him he’s only playing chess

He won and I lost

He now sits upon his throne with a Cheshire grin

I was a fool to trust the man and his myriad of lies

I’m warning you now, stay far and away

and never, ever, believe the pure gold man.