Last Five Finger Discount

She liked the five-finger discount.

“Excuse me, could you move your bags please,” Patricia said.

“I‘m sorry, there are plenty of other seats around us, I am relaxed here and I have a long journey, if you could sit in another seat, I would appreciate that,” replied Sharon in a polite manner.

“The seats aren’t for bags and feet, I want to sit down,” said Patricia calmly.

Sharon had a long week at work. She tried to explain that she didn’t want to lift the bags up again.

“There are signs saying there are no seats for feet but there are no signs saying no seats for bags, so please leave me alone and let me get on with my journey as I am tired. I just want to get home to my mothers. There are plenty of other seats as you can see,” the tone of Sharon’s voice started to get a bit higher, it was not as gentle as it should have been. She didn’t like conflict. She would rather talk it out instead of arguing with someone, especially over a seat.

“But your feet are up there as well,” Patricia was being hostile. She insisted on sitting there because when she saw all the logos on the bags, she thought she would definitely get something.

Patricia was chancing her arm with her sticky hands. She spotted the wedding dress designer brand and knew the woman had money.

“You must need glasses because I took my feet down a few minutes ago,” said Sharon.

Patricia sat down and noticed that Sharon took out her purse. Patricia went to the bathroom and looked into Sharon’s open bag on the way back. She copped Sharon’s Garda badge and baton.

Patricia tried to get off the train and opened the windows. Her heart was racing as she panicked. It was a setup to try and catch Patricia...