Katie Rose Lloyd 2015

Lights up.  A couch sits centre stage. A woman about 40 years old lies there with a blanket over her. A birdie is lit front right of the couch. You hear the channels changing on a television until she get to a quiz show. The sound of the show is loud until 17-year-old Mark enters stage right.

Kerry O'Sullivan 2015

-The play is set on a snowy, winter day-
cosy, dimly lit room. There are a few, gnarled candles flickering and a fireplace is crackling upstage. The walls and floors are wooden and the room is rusting and welcoming. It has warm light. An old, patched couch rests centre stage with an antique table to the left of it. A few old paperbacks are well read and scattered on the table. A homemade tartan cushion sits on the couch. Knick Knacks and photographs of families in black and white sit in frames on the mantelpiece above the fireplace. A small, old window sits to the left of the fireplace. Itis framed with floral curtains. Outside is snowing lightly. The room is well taken care of.

Leah Russell 2015

Ciel: It’s not like I chose it. I didn’t want to be this way. If I had a choice, I would never have chosen this. 

Sound of a car passing by.

I never knew the warmth of love. Like forbidden fruit, I lusted after it. I grew up on alleys, in damp apartments.

I grew used to the feeling of the cold. My father, I never knew his name. My mother? I wish I hadn’t known hers. 

Megan White 2015

Brennan sitting on his desk chair in his bedroom texting, (upstage left). Low light, just a small lamp giving light. Brennan speaks aloud, to himself.

Brennan: Ugh! She won’t text back, she won’t answer my calls, she won’t come to the door when I call over to her…But why?!

Brennan gets up and begins to walk around his room. Moving upstage and downstage, back and forth. He takes his phone and calls his friend Jonah (19). Jonah’s room is set up stage right. 


By Neil Tipper 2015
As much as being a noble is a beneficial, there are a ton of drawbacks. For one everyone speaks to me so formally and agrees with all I say even if it’s wrong. It’s apparently taboo to disagree with any noble, least of all the great Leon Bellamy. I’m just glad there were some people who treated me with actual equality around here or else I’d gone insane. 

Niamh Murphy 2015

Setting: The main setting will be in a grand theatre in 1874 in London. There will be one scene at the beginning set in London in the 21st century and a scene at the end set in a hospital room. In the theatre setting the actors should use the whole auditorium as part of the stage and keep several seats in the front row free to be used as props by the actors. In scene 1, there is an outdoor city setting and you can hear kids playing nearby. 
Carolynn enters from stage right on the phone to someone. In the last scene, there will be a hospital bed facing towards the audience and machines on either side with tubes going into Carolynn.

Oisin Moore 2015

Act 1 Scene 1

The story is set in 1995, on the outskirts of Dublin. It is set in a blue kitchen/sitting room. The tiles are new but everything else is 20 years old. The television is on, giving a bit of a buzz to the room.

The door opens and Sandra walks in, to upstage middle. She turns on the kettle and hums to the beat of “Never Forget.”

Summer walks in, coming from upstage down into middle stage right and sits on the couch. She changes the channel on the television.

Phone Call Scene

By Sean Creagh 2015

The stage is in darkness. Light from the lamp illuminates the stage, located in centre stage. We see a mostly empty room, with green wallpaper peeling off, empty photo frames clinging to the walls, cracked wooden floorboards with one small rugged leather armchair in the middle of the stage.

Jimmy sits in the armchair, staring at his phone. He slowly picks it up. A beat. He puts it back down again. He pushes a button on the phone.

Kurt and Dave

By Sonya Conway 2015

A 90’s grunge club. Centre stage is a bar with a tattooed barman, and several people (boys and girls) dressed as typical 90’s grunge teenagers. A woman, middle-aged, dressed in a pink wool jumper and a long shapeless brown skirt stands downstage right. A teenage boy, 15, stands across from her. His hair is messy, but styled that way with gel and is wearing lots of black eyeliner. Smells Like Teen Spirit plays in the background. Chris walks backwards towards the bar as she speaks. Hilary doesn’t move. 

King of the mountain

By Niamh McDonnell, Eimear Duff, James Vickery, Paul Mosnier, Colm O'Halloran