Maria Lee 2015

Anna (15), sits on a plain wooden chair, Centre Stage. The small stage is dark, with a single spotlight on Anna. She wears an oversized t-shirt and pyjama bottoms tucked into fake ugg boots, her hair is a mess bun on top of her head. Eyeliner is smudged beneath her eyes. Her semi-permanent false eyelashes look strange against her face, which is paler than her fake-tanned body now that she is not made up. Her bump is large and her hands rest on top of it, fidgety. 

Alice Healy 2015

The lights come on to show a bave kitchen with a table, two chairs, and a sink.

Screaming is heard offstage, the vampire walks on stage, holding two knives.

He walks over to the table and stands there, looking straight ahead, he speaks.

Vampire : Why did you not run?

Cait Markey 2015

-Set of the scene: Early 1900’s

Mick and Maggie are sitting (centre stage) in a kitchen at a small table. Kitchen is old fashioned, disheveled and somewhat unclean. He’s sipping tea and she’s knitting. Suddenly Mick spots the rent collecter walking up the lane. (off stage)

Elias Dempsey 2015

Scene One.

Warehouse, interior. Ripped sofa, wires all over the place. Dusty boom boxes. Graffiti on the wall. Sofa, Centre Stage, facing audience. Window at the back, boarded up. 

Music: Bob Marley, Sun Is Shining. 

Two alternative people cross the stage with bedding. (Extras talking)

Ella Mooney 2015

Opening Scene:

Bedroom is brightly lit as light pierces through the window, centre stage right. It’s 1pm. A light blue dresser is seen downstage left facing downstage right.  A mattress is seen slightly off centre stage with a thing black blanket draped over a young girl asleep on the mattress.

Emily Gallagher 2015

Adam’s Monologue

Adam: I used to take Ben out to that beach in Bray before it happened, the one with all the rocks. Bear with me, I have a point. One time, when he was 7, near Paddy’s Day, we were throwing stones in the sea and we turned it into a game of who could make the best splash. 

Fiachra Nolan 2015

Play opens on a train. The seats are organised in sets of four (two facing two). Lights flashing and train audio give the illusionn that the train is moving. On the train there is one elderly gentleman reading a newspaper, one middle aged woman watching a video on a tablet and two old women talking loudly.

Finn Reid 2015

Setting: The play is set in London in September/October. It’s raining outside. It’s night. Dingy apartment. Energy saving light bulb. Worn sofa, dirty clothes, on the floor, dark adjoined kitchen, small TV. Two door beside sofa. One with lock. Man asleep on sofa. Short, stubble. Under blanket. The light from the TV is flickering on him. Door opens. Mark Leonard. Door slams shut.

Isabella O’Driscoll Dwyer 2015

1960s  Alabama. Centre stage. A group of white teenagers sit around in a circle in one of the classrooms of their recently integrated school. They are engaging in a private discussion, the topic is unknown. Upstage sits several large windows with the shutters pull tight. Downstage sits a locked door. Quiet statements can be heard from the group.

Jane Loughan 2015

Monologue of Nicole

Nicole: I have two identities (stands up off chair). It’s not like the Miley Stewart slash Hannah Montana kind of life. It’s more… online, then offline.

Online, I can, as cheesey as it sounds, be myself and express what I like. Behind my keyboard, no one can see me, I am secure. People find me funny, and praise my fan art and edits. I’m a fangirl, you see, a professional fan girl that has over 10,000 followers on Tumblr.