by Ethan Dodd (2016)


We open on Mavis, a woman in her mid 70's sitting at a desk typing on a computer. There is a bookshelf lower stage left, though it is quite bare, aside from a few smaller books and magazines.

Mavis looks fed up and tired. A woman in her 40s enters stage right. She begins browsing the shelf of books.


 by Ellen O’Brien (2016)

Set in Donegal, in a small bungalow on the outskirts of Carrick town.
Allister enters the scene from the back door, entering the kitchen. He is wearing his white overalls and boots from the fish factory where he works.
He removes his overall while grunting and cursing to himself and throws it aggressively into a bundle in the corner. He makes his way from the back door towards the kitchen counter where there is a pile of dirty dishes stacked up beside the sink and food staining the surrounding surface.


by Claire Creedon (2016)

The scene begins in a Dublin home. A Welcome Home banner is hanging above the fire place centre upstage. There is a cake and food on a table centre stage. The room is filled with people, some sitting on couches stage left and 4 people Susan, Aoife, Margaret and Dave gathered at the table.

Granny Club

 by Aoife O’Dwyer (2016)

A calm summer evening. Three old ladies sitting on chairs in a garden. The noise of kids and cars can be heard.

Maurine: (Points ahead) Look at that fucker Jake up in the tree. He’ll rain and then we won’t win best-kept estate. 

Claudia: (Slowly stands up. Shouts) Jake, you get down off that tree now before I come over there and ring you.


by Ana Milicevic (2016)

Alex stood leaning against a wall of a narrow alley.
 She glanced around to make sure she is alone. It’s starting to get dark. She holds her hand out in front of her, tenses and curls her fingers into a fist. Shadows seemed to form and swirl around her fist. She concentrated harder, the shadows turned darker and formed sharp edges. 
She raised her hand, aimed towards the wall opposite them, and let go, pushing outwards. The shadows shot out from her hand and hit the brick wall. Once the dust began to settle, a large hole could be seen.


by Alison Dunne (2016)

JADE: 16 years old.
EMMA: is also 16 and is Jade’s best friend. 
Setting: The two teenagers are sitting on a garden wall eating crisps. The wall faces a home for the disabled. 


By Alexander Pokhilo (2016)

Mother: Tugger! What the feck are you doing collecting those kitchen knives?

Tugger: Shit! (Whispering to himself) Emm.. ehh… nothing really, Mammy ,just ehh.. you know?

Aisling Rooney 2015

The scene is an ordinary changing room. There is a bench Centre Stage and a row of lockers behind it. There are trainers hanging off the bench and hockey sticks propped up against the lockers. On one of the locker doors is a poster saying MOUNT PLEASANT HOCKEY CLUB. 

Sarah is sitting on the bench tying her shoe. Amanda enters, whistling. When she sees Sarah she sneers, throwing her hockey stick against the lockers.

Eoin Byrne 2015

Jeep Centre Stage. Video background moving as if jeep is driving. The background shows small wood houses with faint lights. The trees and plant-life are exotic, Hawaii like. The yellow moonlight illuminates the car and sculpts the features of the woman driving and the man in the passenger seat. The radio is playing, slow pop music (flight of the navigators). The music is loud, along with the hum of the jeep and sound of the animals. The passenger edges his hand forward and lowers the volume. His left hand stays clasped to his chest, he is clearly injured. Jeep faces Stage Left.

Eva Malone 2015

Scene One

Small coffee shop, nighttime, only the two baristas in the shop, cleaning it up as it is closing time. The girl and boy seem to move easily, almost dancing around each other while cleaning, washing tables, moving chairs. A light on a door, upstage behind the counter. 

Clara, 20, picks the last chair up onto the table and takes a deep breath.