Robin Banks

by Rachel Thornton (2016)

Black out. Music from the movie the Exorcist plays. The scene opens a messy bed and a bedside table centre stage. There’s a single spotlight on the bed. A woman with blue hair (Robin) is sleeping on the bed, on her back but with her head facing the audience. There’s a radio alarm clock on the bedside of the bed. 

An irrelevant day

by Oscar Kilbride Condon (2016)

Character- Patrick – Tall and lean, with bright red hair and a beard, he is wearing new and expensive clothes.

The play opens in a modern apartment. It’s grey, grey walls, grey table and chairs and through a window a grey sky can be seen, plus an extraordinary view over the grey, grey city of Dublin.

Patrick is sitting at the table, working on a grey laptop.

First Day

 by Matthew Bellintani (2016)

Bernie: Stephen, get up ya tool, you’re gonna be late.

Taylor: You spanner, get up or I’ll batter you.

Stephen: No need to scream, we live in a two-roomed trailer, you bleedin’ ticks.


by Lorcan Kelly (2016)

he stage is lit dimly with soft but evenly distributed light, revealing an elderly man (Pat), perhaps in his late sixties or early seventies, sitting at the edge of a water feature of some kind (i.e. a pond, river etc.) to stage right. He is wearing a dark green military jacket with matching combat trousers. His hair is grey and receding and his brown flat cap is clutched between his fingers. 

The Troika – A Window of Opportunity

 By Lhamo Fitzsimons​ (2016)

List of Characters
Jim Sunny, a professional window cleaner/Jan Sonnig- supposed member of the ECB
​Karl, a German university student traveling and currently working for Jim for the summer in Ireland.
Ms Corbyn, an avid plant collector, whose aspiration is to own a large house and garden She, grows herbs and plants on an allotment.
Martin Schultz, President of the EC.

By Jane Finnegan (2016)

Scene One

It is evening in J’s bedroom. 

J is a gender queer person with an edgy, unnaturally coloured haircut and a septum piercing. They are wearing men’s clothes which are too big for them. Their body language is tense. They are angry. 

Season of the Witch

 by James Clarke (2016)

Jamie, a 19-year-old women, knocks on a door of an apartment in the Dublin inner city. 

The door opens. 


by Holly Forde (2016)

TIM: aged 14
PETER: aged 14
MATILDA: in her 70’s


by Harry Cleary (2016)

Scene 1

The scene opens in an everyday sitting room, it is moderately large with two two-seater sofas separated by an end table, on either side of these sofas there is a single-seater sofa. There is a coffee table and the room is adorned with many family photos.

The father (Barry) enters, he is in his mid-40’s, holding an open laptop, he is dressed in a t-shirt and knee-length shorts, he is followed by his son (Ryan) who is in his early 20’s.

The house in a square

by Hannah Potter (2016)

This scene is set in square which contains people who are contaminated with a disease from birth and going through treatment for 19 years to try and treat it,  to be allowed to join into the everyday world again. This play is about Victor who has been living in this square since birth. 

Monday morning it is the day the square receives mail from family and friends.