AA Meeting

By Hannah Butler (2017)

(everyone is seated in a circle looking glum. There is one empty seat left)

*Deirdre walks in, sits down and gives a girly little wave*

Character 1: AA leader
Character 2: Deirdre
​Character 3: Ryan

Clown Car

By Roisin Farrelly (2017)

Mark: Young man from Dublin, works in an accounting firm, neat and well-dressed

Carl: mid 50’s, taxi driver, very friendly and cheerful, thick Dublin accent

It is 3 o’ clock in the afternoon in Dublin. It is rush hour and M is catching a taxi.

The Third Decree

By Lorcan Kelly (2017)



An Elizabethan-Style Era, perhaps in the region of the 1600’s, Night

The scene opens in King Adam Darlington’s bedroom, dimly lit, with Lady Asha Darlington (Adam’s Mother) seated upon the bed, waiting anxiously. There is a hearth crackling at centre stage. The king-sized bed is located downstage stage left with two side tables on either side. 

The Resistance

By Rachel Thornton (2017)

The distant future. Ambient, ominous noises are heard. The scene fades in on an interrogation room. A man with an eye patch, Alexander Right, is unconscious in a chair. There are wires attaching his head to a high-tech machine. Another man, Lieutenant Dallas sits across from him in an office chair at a desk. There’s a remote in his hand and a laptop on the table.  Alexander Right starts to come to.


By Morna Henehan (2017)

Character 1: Mel, an Art and English teacher in St. Andrews secondary school.

Character 2: Brian, a 15 year old school student dressed in his football gear, ready for training,

Having stayed late at work Mel approaches her car with a hefty pile of copies. She dumps them on the passenger seat and gets into the car. Telephone by Blondie starts playing. She sings along charismatically.


by Turlough Duignan (2016)

Dave – MD
Veronica – Waitress
Al Fonzo – Chief
Monely: Mom
Bryan: Dad

The Last Child

by Sonny Daly (2016)

Play opens in an abandoned country cottage. Its windows are smashed, the door is open, and dust is all over. An old man enters with a middle-aged woman (Clinton and Maggie). They are panting, and are carrying a child.


by Ryan Haran (2016)

Scene opens in a dimly lit hotel room, there’s a bed upstage, end tables either side, a wardrobe stage right and a desk stage left. The sheets on the bed look worn in. Tthere’s some books on the desk and clothes are scattered on the floor. A girl (Lana) is sitting in the middle of the bed, rocking back and forth dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a baggy jumper


by Roisin Farrelly (2016)

Mark - teenager
Patrick - 11 years old Marks brother 
Stephen - twenty years old (unseen) - Mark and Patrick’s brother
Play opens in a Dublin flat. There is a bird in a wire cage on a table in the centre of the stage. Mark and Patrick lean over, staring at it.