The Phone Shop

By Colm Nicholl (2017)

Character 1: Mark (M)
Character 2: Sean (S)

Setting:  Modern day phone shop in inner city Dublin, called Alfonso’s Phone Shack. The walls are lined with all kinds of phones, from smartphones to flip phones. There are two seats in the shop; one behind the counter and one in front of it. The one behind is a computer chair and the one in front is an armchair. Behind the counter is a man in his mid s wearing a shirt, jeans, and glasses. He’s playing with his phone waiting for customers. This is Mark (written as M). An elderly man in his mid 60s walks in. He looks around, wide-eyed, like a child in a sweet shop. He is wearing a flat cap, a short-sleeved shirt, and beige trousers. This is Sean (written as S).

Bad For You

By Rory McEvoy (2017)



Park Dealer

Dean and Duke are in your average burger shop ordering food in the middle of a deep conversation.

The Divide

By Noah Synnott (2017)

Philip is 21, from Foxrock, he is a bit dim witted. His parents are recently deceased and he has taken over the family business which is creating staples. He is wearing a really expensive suit and a Rolex watch and carrying an I phone 7.

Bill is 22, he is from Ballymun. He is wearing a full light grey nike baggy tracksuit. He is on the Fas scheme. He’s funny but is a drug addict. He also smells of chips and Linx . 

Where’s Dad

By Neil Merriman (2017)



Reporter on the Radio

Male Voice on Telephone

Closing Shift

By Donnchadh O’Dwyer (2017)

Setting: This story is taken place in a cinema in central Dublin. The  cinema is very spaceous and modern with 7 screens in total. There is one total counter that gives everything from food to tickets. The cinema is very busy and Mark and Zander are left in charge of the main desk.  

The Pond

By Jack Forrester (2017)

Character 1: Rocker,16, working class Northsider, hates mods, named Big Bird for killing a bird
Character 2: Mod, 18, working class southsider, hates rockers, leader of his gang, named James
​Character 3: Rocker, 20, working class Northsider, hates mods, named Memphis for his weirdly enormous love of Elvis, very strong

Happy Family?

By Nicole Sibanda (2017)

Character 1 : GABBY is 16, blond hair, blue eyes and is average height. She’s a fashion killer and dresses to impress. Has good taste.

Character2: LAYLA is 16, brown hair, green eyes and is average height. She’s plainly dressed and is quite smart. She is GABBY’S best friend.


By Kate Comaskey (2017)

Character 1: Philip Hanrahan
Character 2: Maeve Hanrahan

Ireland. Westmeath. Modest two-storey house. Philip and Maeve Hanrahan are in the kitchen. Dinner is simmering on the cooker. Philip is sitting at the table and Maeve stands over the dinner.

First Date

By Ruairi Vickery (2017)



John and Deirdre’s first date, nice restaurant, present day.

Diggin Simon Gardners

By Jamie Cox (2017)

Character 1: Simon
Character 2: Thomas

A construction site in 1990s Englnd. Sounds of cranes and heavy machinery is present, Two men, Simon Gardners and Thomas Fell, stand in a pile of dirt with shovels digging. Simon is cheerful and enjoying the task set, digging, Thomas is glum and resents the shovel he is holding.