By Jenni-Rose Hayden (2017)


Richard: Richard is a tall man in his 30’s who is smartly dressed in suit pants, a crisp white shirt and his suit jacket in his hand. He wears glasses.

Jay: Jay is shorter than Richard but more intimidating than him. Jay’s a heavy smoker of cigars and is unshaven yet doesn’t have a beard. He is bald and is missing several teeth. Jay is a con man.

Hitman: Hitman works for Jay. He wears a white tee and jeans. He is very tall and buff.

Present day Dublin City

In a dimly lit pub in the evening. The pub isn’t crowded and music plays quietly in the background. The entrance is downstage left. Jay is sitting at a table downstage right. Upstage right Hitman is sitting with his back to Jay.

Richard: Enters stage left, pauses, spots Jay and makes his way towards     him and sits opposite him, downstage right center.

                 “Alright let’s make this quick.

                Runs his hand through his hair.

Jay          : Smirks and leans over the table towards Richard.

Richard: “Well? Is it done?”

Jay          : Lights a cigar


Richard: Impatiently

                  “What do you mean almost? How can you ‘almost’….dispose of….Why did you a meeting if it’s not….done?”

Jay         :  Takes a drag from the cigar

Jay          : “ It’s fine! We just noticed that we’re missing some money from the account.”

Richard: “ Impossible. I paid upfront.”

Jay          : Relaxed

                  “True, true it’s just….. The price has gone up.”

Richard: Slams his fist on the table but regrets drawing attention to himself and looks around to check that nobody is watching. He leans over the table towards Jay and whispers fiercely through gritted teeth

                  “We. Agreed. A. Price. I should be done with this mess.”

Jay           : Blows smoke into Richards face

                   “There was a witness. Now there are two bodies. Double the price.”

Richard: “That’s not my problem. It’s your fault you got caught.”

Jay          : “True, true but it’s your problem now because the witness is the only secure body. Your guy? If you want him gone you gotta pay….unless of course, you would prefer the forensics squad find him first?”

Richard: “I-“

                  Clears throat

                   “Look we had a deal. One body- my one, not the witness. Get rid of it or you can have a taste of my side. Then it’ll be more than just two bodies.”

                  Stands up, takes Jay’s cigar and puts it out in an ashtray.

                  “I don’t even need you. I can get someone else to do this if you like.

                  Of course you won’t be able to see what good service looks like when your six feet under ground.”

                  Richard exits downstage left

Jay           : Laughs

Hitman stands up from upstage right and walks towards Jay. Jay whispers in his ear and Hitman follows Richard out downstage left. 

Jay         : Lights another cigar.

End scene