Life sucks

By Dylan Smith Bresnahan (2017)

Scene 4:

*In the back of a Mc Donald’s in Downtown Chicago, an office of the manager*

*Knocks on door of managers office*

*door opens*

Character 1: Steve

Character 2: Carl

STEVE- hi carl,

receives no answer

STEVE- I noticed you put me down for the day shift on the 25th

CARL- And…..?

STEVE- That’s Christmas man, I have a family, a sick daughter…

Carl smiles in a sly manner

CARL- so what?

STEVE- bu-…

CARL- What the heck am I supposed to do about it? Cure cancer?

STEVE- no carl,* takes a deep breath* can’t you just switch my shift?

CARL- I’m sorry

 STEVE- but this might be daughters last Christmas…

CARL- I don’t really care.

STEVE- I can’t work during the day on Christmas, just give me the night shift… please?

CARL- no I wont, Chris has that shift and he is actually a hard working employee, unlike you.

Steve falls on his knees

STEVE- just switch the shifts man… *desperate tone*

CARL- nothing I want to or can do, so drop it.

STEVE- please *almost crying*

Carls smirk enlarges as he almost begins to chuckle

CARL- ok, I’ll tell you what I’ll do…. Your fired

STEVE- what……?

CARL- didn’t you hear me? YOU… ARE… FIRED!

STEVE- …..

CARL- you heard me, so get out! Now!

STEVE- *breaks down crying*

*Fade into black*