A Dinner Per Decade

By Playwriting Group (2017)

A uniform empty restaurant, refined, fancy, but slightly musky with age. Mediterranean style. The chairs and tables are brightly coloured, green, blue and brown. It is evening.

Character 1: Quentin Wyclef-Smith. Mid 50’s. Wealthy man, English, pin striped suit, carries a cane. Owner of the hotel. This will be written as QWS.
Character 2: Conor, Mid 20’s. Also a wealthy character, who flashes his wealth and isn’t classy. Wants the whole room to pay attention to him, has a huge ego.

Scene One

QWS enters stage left, shuffling with his cane tapping against the ground. He is murmuring to himself.

Jazz music plays softly in the background, on a record player. ‘April in Paris’ by Ella Fitzgerald.

QWS is setting up a table. As Conor rushes in, stage right, clicking his fingers.

Conor: I need a drink.

QWS: A bourbon sir?

Conor: Give me the best you got, buddy.

QWS: A bourbon it is.

Conor is agitated as he’s on his own, looking at his watch.

Conor: Where are the other guests?

QWS: There’s Marie from 29.

Conor glances and appears confused.

Conor: Where’s the broad?

QWS: Bread? Here.

Conor: Turn up the music. My boss is coming to dinner.

QWS: What’s your line of business?

Conor: Trading…Yeah, trading!! Cotton, sugar…so hard to get good bread these days. What with the crash an’ all.

QWS: Important meeting sir? Pours him the bourbon and hands it to him.

Conor: Of course it’s important, do I look lower class to you? Points to his suit. Have you seen the quality of this. You probably don’t know anything about suits.

QWS pours another drink and spills it on Conor.

Conor: Jeez buddy, this is expensive. I’m gonna set the boys on you, I’ll get you beat.

QWS: Let me have it cleaned for you.

Conor: I don’t trust the staff here, it’s so hard to get good service these days.

He grabs a bottle of bourbon and walks out.

QWS cleans off the table. The music changes to Chuck Berry, Johnny B Goode.

Rosie enters stage left, wearing a pencil skirt and a bandana on her head. She clicks her fingers looking for a drink.

Rosie: I need a drink.

QWS: A rose?

Rosie: A miller lite please. Where’s all the guests?

QWS: Conor from 56’ just left.

Rosie: Oh, I didn’t see him as I came in. She lights a cigarette.

QWS: I’m sorry madam, the women’s smoking section is over there.

Rosie laughs at him and doesn’t move.

Rosie: Oh get with the times old man. I’m payin’ for this, I’ll sit where I want.

QWS: What brings you here?

Rosie: An interview for a job.

QWS: A job interview? Really? What would a nice girl like you be doing working? Aren’t you married?

Rosie: Looks at him and smirks. Married? Really? You’ve got some ridiculous ideas. I didn’t earn the right to vote to be treated like crap.

QWS: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend.

Rosie: Get me a newspaper.

QWS: Of course madam.

QWS exits and returns with a newspaper.

Rosie has exited stage left.

The music has changed again. ‘Don’t you want me baby’ Human League.

End Scene.