Christmas Decorations

By Katherine Bolger (2017)

Character 1: Kirsty
Character 2: Susan

 A small, quiet neighbourhood in Dublin. It’s a dark cold afternoon in mid-December. Kirsty and Susan (mid-forties) are chatting outside a small house (Chris’s house).

Kirsty             Oh god, Christmas is just around the corner.

Susan             I know! Time just flies. (laughs)

Kirsty             The decorations are quite good this year.

Kirsty looks around at the other houses. Susan nods.

Susan             Yeah I agree.

Kirsty             Even Chris goes out of his way every year.

Kirsty and Susan both glance up towards Chris’s house.

Susan             Yeah poor guy, he’s getting old. What age is he?

Kirsty             I’m guessing around seventy five?

Susan                         Yeah about that I’d say.

Susan points towards the large Christmas wreath on the front door.

Susan             That Christmas wreath is lovely!

Kirsty             Hmm Yeah… The lights around the bush are a bit much though? (laughs)

Susan             Ah leave him alone, he tries his best! (both laugh)

Kirsty looks up and sees a Tesco food truck driving down the road.

Kirsty             Here comes his food truck! (both laugh)

Susan glances towards Chris’s house as a light turns on, then she glances at her watch.

Susan             Right better be off so.

Kirsty             Alright, see you soon!

Kirsty exits stage right and Susan exits stage left both waving to each other.

Scene 1 Part II

In the same neighbourhood in Dublin. It’s a bright afternoon in early February. Kirsty and Susan meet again outside Chris’s house. They begin to notice that the house has been less active than usual for the past few months.


Kirsty             Aw Susan, How are you?

Susan             Oh Kirsty! Long time no see.

Kirsty             Yeah! Have a good Christmas?

Susan             Ah yeah wasn’t bad (laughs) How about you?

Kirsty             Yeah pretty good!

Susan             Feels like ages ago!

Kirsty             Yeah you would think that but… (laughs)

Kirsty points towards Chris’s house.

Susan             It doesn’t look like any of the decorations have been touched.

Kirsty looks closely.

Kirsty             The lights are barely flickering and the wreath is just about hanging on.

Susan              He must be older than we thought!

Kirsty laughs.

Kirsty             It’s already well into February, It’s not like Chris has better things to be doing.

Susan             True… Ah sure maybe it cheers him up? I’m pretty sure his wife died around this time a few years ago.

Kirsty             Yeah I think I heard that.

Susan             Actually Dave from down the road said he hasn’t seen any food trucks for a good while…

Kirsty             Hmmm that sounds a bit odd?

Kirsty and Susan both glance towards the house looked quite concerned.

Susan             Well sure I’ll go and see if he’s alright…

Kirsty             Good idea, I’ll wait here.

Susan walks slowly towards Chris’s front door. She glances back at Kirsty.

Kirsty nods. Susan knocks loudly on the door and waits. No answer. Susan turns the handle and the door opens immediately.

Susan             Chris?

No answer. Susan steps inside the house and exits stage.

Kirsty watches closely. Moments later…

Susan             AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Kirsty             Oh my god!

Kirsty runs into the house and exits stage.