A Bad Day at School

By Stephen Moran (2017)


Student (male)

Police officer picks up the phone

Dispatcher     Hello this is 911, what is your emergency.

Student          Hello… Hello, I would like to report a shooting.

Dispatcher     Whereabouts?

Student          At Liberty High school, Sandyhook road, Rhode Island, New York. We… We have some injured… (pauses for a few seconds) and a few deaths.

Dispatcher     Okay sir can you identify the suspects?

Student          N… No. I never saw them. We heard multiple gunshots and then we hid under our desks in our classrooms.

Dispatcher     When did you hear the gunshots?

Student          Just a few minutes ago. We soon heard screams and the teacher ordered us to hide under the desks.

Dispatcher     Have you tried calling your parents?

Student          Y… Ye… Yes, but they weren't home so I left them a message… Oh god…

Dispatcher     What is it?

Student          (Whispers) They're outside!

Dispatcher     Okay… Please remain clam and stay under the desk. Keep me on the line.

Student          O… Okay. They're trying to get inside.

Pause for a few moments.

Dispatcher     Can you see them?

Student          They're outside the door. There’s two of them, both dressed in black.

Student          They're opening the door.

Dispatcher     Are they armed?

Student          Yes. One has a shotgun, the other has a sub machine gun. They have ammo pouches and what looks like… pipe bombs.

Dispatcher     Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Student          My name is Peter Jensen, I’m seventeen years old and I’m a junior at Liberty High.

Dispatcher     Good, Peter. Where are the shooters now?

Student          They're inside the classroom and they seem to be shooting outside the window. I don't know they are shooting at, but they are definitely shooting at something.

Student          Wait… Oh god… They’re turning around…

Dispatcher     Wha… What do you mean?

Student          They… They're shooting at us.

Dispatcher     Keep your head down and don't make a sound, but keep me on the line!

Student          Okay… Oh go…

Dispatcher     Peter? P…Peter? Peter what happened? PETER!

End Scene.