The Tale of Shape City

By Niamh, Ella, Aidan, Odhran, and Anna Rose (2017)


Dot 1


Narrator:            Five years ago there was the Battle of Dotkirk which was a horrible battle between the DOTS and the SQUARES. The TRIANGLES who were the peacemakers stopped the war with their skills but the DOTS and SQUARE still despised each other. After the war all the DOTS moved to Dottington while the SQUARES went to SQUAREVILLE. This is the way it stayed for many years.

DOTMAN:        I hate that we have to meet in secret.

SW:                    I know these 5 years have been tough meeting in secret.

DOTMAN:        We should find a better way to communicate other than just through TRIANGLE MAN.

SW:                    I can’t wait for a day when we can all be together.

DOTMAN:        Me too.

They hug.


Narrator:                  TRIANGLE MAN their friend comes running up to them. He looks terrified.

SW:                           What’s wrong?

TM:                            Our queen has gone mad. She has been brainwashed by the evil RECTANGLE KING. She is being really cruel to all her people. She used to be so lovely and we have always been peaceful people. She has declared war on                                   Dottington and Squareville. Please help us.’

DOTMAN & SW:      We will help you!!! We must team up to save both our lands.

TRAINGLE MAN:    Thank you! So much. She’s brainwashing everyone.


Narrator:                     Over the next few days DOTMAN & SQUARE WOMAN tried to bring together as many DOTS and SQUARES as possible. Surprisingly there were a  lot of SQUARES and DOTS who were friends and happy to help each other.

SQUARE WOMAN & DOTMAN hold a meeting.

DOTMAN:                 Thank you all DOTS and SQUARES for coming.

SW:                             We really want you all to work together. We have been fighting for far too long. We want to be friends and make peace between our kingdoms.

DOTMAN:                 We need to save the TRIANGLES from the brainwashing. They always helped us so now it’s our turn to help them.

SW:                             Who’s with us?

SQUARES & DOTS:  We are! (Shouted together)


Narrator:                     Wise old HEXAGON WIZARD who lives in the forest between lands. SQAURE and DOT goes on an adventure to find the wizard. He gives them a magical powerful potion that will stop the brainwashing curse.

SW:                             I will go to protect my people from the Queen

DOTMAN:                 I want to help you.

SW:                             You can’t. You are not allowed in SQUAREVILLE. You must take your army to TRIAPOLIS and save the people by giving them the potion.

DOTMAN:                 OK but please be safe.

SW:                             I will.

They hug. DOTMAN makes the dot portals and  portals hid DOT army to TRIAPOLIS.


Narrator:                     There is chaos in Triapolis as the Dot Army arrives. The Dots fight their way through.

DOTMAN:                 We need to get to the castle put the potion in the main water supply. Once the Queen tastes it then all the TRIANGLES will be at peace again.

Dot 1:                          Where is the castle?

DOTMAN:                 Over triangle hill.

Narrator:                     The Dot Army marches through. It takes them 3 hours to reach. A battle breaks out at the castle but the Dots breaks through and manage to put the potion in the water.

Everyone in Triapolis changes instantly. They are cured.


Narrator:                     All was peaceful in the three lands. It was better than ever. Everyone comes together for a special celebration. At last the wedding  of Square Woman and Dotman takes place.

SW:                             Thank you all for coming.

Narrator:                     Triangle queen comes to talk to the crowd.

TRIANGLE QUEEN: We are gathered here today to celebrate peace in our three lands and this wonderful wedding. Seeing all our people here together and happy I have decided to join all our lands together.

Narrator:                     TRIANGLE QUEEN does a spell that brings all the lands together to create the new SHAPE CITY.

DOTMAN & SQUARE WOMAN lived happily ever after. They even had some BABY HEARTS.