Space Shape

By Evie, Lola, Jemma, Amelie, Mira (2017)

Fluffy Boots
Fluffy Boots Jr.

Scene 1: Planet Neptune

Narrator:           Far away, in the world of Neptune, there lived the most evil, majestic villain cat that ever lived (She paid me to say this!) And her evil sidekick kitten- Fluffly Boots Jr.

Fluffy Boots:     Side-kick, order me some Neptunoes Pizza and hurry up! Double cheese please!

Fluffy Boots Jr.: Of course your majesty- meow meow!

Narrator:           Twenty minutes later, the evil sidekick comes in with the pizza on her head.

Fluffy Boots:     You’re late!! I heard that the shape shifter Skylord is going to be passing through Planet Cottonbud with her trusted sidekick Gibbles.

Scene 2: Planet Cottonbud

Narrator:           On the planet Cottonbud, Skylord and Gibbles are getting ready for their big trip to travel to the sun to collect their magic purple amethyst gem.

Skylord:            We need to get to the sun quickly to collect the magic gem, otherwise I wont be able to keep my space ship form.

Gibbles:             I have an idea, can we stop at the moon and buy some moon mallows?

Skylord:            Um no? They will roast in the sun.

Gibbles:             Mmmm smores!

Scene 3:

Narrator:           Back on planet Neptune Fluffy Boots and her trusty sidekick- Fluffy Boots Jr. were getting ready for their big journey to race to the sun and steal the gem. They packed up their evil equipment including their evil sword, poisonous moon mallows, and                           sticky toffee pudding bombs.

Fluffy Boots:     Let’s go get the magical gem- (coughs out furball) I was meant to do that!

Fluffy Boots Jr: Should I add this to your collection your majesty?

Fluffy Boots:     Yasssss.

Narrator:           Meanwhile Fluffy Boots thoughts were whirling with excitement to use the gem on her enemies. Fluffy Boots Jr. looks out the window and sees the Shape Shifter and Gibbles flying by.

Fluffy Boots Jr:  Umm… your majesty..

Fluffy Boots:     Not now! I’m enjoying my pizza.

Fluffy Boots Jr:  …But your majesty..

Fluffy Boots:     WHHHHAAAT.

Fluffy Boots Jr:  Gibbles and the Skylord just flew past.

Fluffy Boots:     Really?! Get me my spaceship right now! We’re leaving. (Nasty voice)

Scene 4: On the Moon

Narrator:          Skylord and Gibbles are..

Skylord:            You’ll have to pay for them because I forgot my moon money-mooney.

Narrator:           HEY you interrupted me!

Skylord:            Oh! Sorry!

Narrator:           Anywayssss….. Skylord and Gibbles are on the moon buying their moon mallows to make their smores for lunch (They both have a sweet tooth).

Skylord:            I suppose I could turn into moon money.

Gibbles:    Ma’am you don’t have the gem though.

Skylord:   You’re right. I won’t be able to hold my money shape for long.. so I suppose we should go.

Narrator: Both Skylord and Gibbles make their way to the sun. When they arrive to the sun they see Fluffy Boots spaceship flying back to Neptune.

Skylord:   Oh no! We’re too late! They must have taken the                               magic gem.

Scene 5:

Narrator: Back on planet Neptune Fluffy Boots and Fluffy Boots Jr. are expecting Skylord and Gibbles.

Skylord:   There she blows (Looking at flag).

Gibbles:    It must be their base.

Narrator: Inside the base Gibbles and Skylord walk through the door. Fluffy Boots is armed with her jewel-crested sword, shield, and sticky toffee pudding bombs.

Fluffy Boots:     Oh you’re here! We were just about to start the party.

Gibbles:             Where’s the music and smores?

Skylord:            Oh yeah.

Fluffy Boots:     You fools! I was being sarcastic.

Fluffy Boots Jr:          Umm yeah?

Fluffy Boots:     You came here for the party but I am actually going to defeat you.

Narrator:           As Fluffy Boots throws her sticky toffee pudding bomb the gem falls into it. Skylord reaches for the gem and turns into a tiger.

Fluffy Boots:     Let the battle begin! ..But outside because I don’t want to wreck my house.

Narrator:           After ten intense minutes of fighting the battle was over. Skylord and Gibbles had defeated Fluffy Boots and Fluffy Boots Jr. Skylord had the gem back and safely home. 

Scene 6: In Fluffy Boots Kitchen

Fluffy Boots:              I will make my own gem! Crying*

Fluffy Boots Jr:          Cheer up. Should I order you a Neptunoes donut?