The Quest of Purplevania - July 2012

A new three act play by Aoife, Sadie, Colm, Kristin and Emma

Narrator: Aoife
Jimmy the Crazy Penguin: Emma
Violet the Purple Polar Bear: Kristin
Peter the Commander: Colm
Miss Dash: Sadie
Sid the Evil King: Colm
Ivy the Punk Vampire: Aoife

Act 1

(In a faraway land called Purplevania)

Narrator: Once upon a time in Purplevania, Jimmy the Crazy Emerald Penguin was trying to rescue Ivy the Punk Vampire from Sid the Evil King. Jimmy turned to his best friend Violet the Purple Polar Bear for help.

(Jimmy and Violet walk on stage together)

Jimmy: Please will you help me rescue Ivy?

Violet: Yes but if I get captured then I’ll kill you.

Jimmy: Ok it’s a deal. Let’s go to the castle.

(Jimmy and Violet do a fake walk to the castle, in the middle of the stage)

Narrator: They go to the castle but Sid the Evil King has a whole army at the gates.

Jimmy: How did they know we were coming?

(Enter Peter with sword)

Peter the Purple Army Commander: We know people that told us your plan and now you must face the catapult of death.

Violet: OMG! What’s that coming towards us?

Jimmy: LOL it’s a giant rock!

Peter: Fire in the hole!

Narrator: All of a sudden one of the Indigo Soldiers picks up Jimmy and Violet and puts them in the catapult cradle.

Violet: Peace!

Jimmy: I can’t talk to you right now. TTYL!

Peter: Fire in the hole!

Jimmy: Can’t you say anything else except ‘Fire in the hole’?

Peter: One, two, three lift off!

Jimmy: I’m finally flying!

Violet: This is crazy! Where are we going? Arrrrghhhhh.

(Exit stage, with Jimmy and Violet pretend flying/tumbling)

Act 2

Narrator: When Jimmy and Violet wake up, Miss Dash is dragging them back to her house.

(Miss Dash goes in the middle of Violet and Jimmy and drags them onto the stage. They stand together and face Miss Dash)

Violet (whispers to Jimmy): Where are we?

Jimmy: I think we’re in Penguin Heaven, but who’s that girl looking at us?

Violet: I don’t know but she doesn’t look like a penguin.

Miss Dash: I’m Miss Dash, don’t be afraid. Welcome to my home.

Jimmy: I don’t think we’re in Penguin Heaven anymore.

Miss Dash: That’s right. You’re in Superville, Switzerland!

Jimmy: What kind of crazy place is Superville?

Miss Dash: It’s the European Centre of Superheroes and it’s invisible to all normal mortal humans.

Violet: What special powers do you have, Miss Dash?

(Miss Dash runs around the back of Violet and Jimmy)

Miss Dash: I can run faster than the speed of light

(Violet and Jimmy spin around and are shocked at how fast she can move!)

Miss Dash: And my hands are hoses to help me put out fires.

Jimmy: Will you come back with us and help us defeat Sid the Evil King of Purplevania?

Miss Dash: Yeah I’ll help, but I fought him once before and it didn’t go well.

Violet: Well the Evil King has a prisoner called Ivy the Vampire. Maybe she can help us.

Miss Dash: Link arms with me. Now close your eyes and shout the word Purplevania three times all together.


(All three characters run off stage)

Act 3

(Back at the castle in Purplevania, Sid the Evil King is pacing up and down in front of the prison)

Sid: You’ll never get out of here alive, Ivy!

Ivy: Oh really? Maybe I will.

Sid: What do you mean?

Ivy: My friends are coming to rescue me.

Sid: Who are they? Tell me now!

Ivy: None of your business Siddo.

Sid: I order you to tell me!

Ivy: Don’t hurt me! It’s Jimmy the Penguin and Violet the Polar Bear.

Sid: I’m sending Peter and his army out to attack them right now. Mwuhahahahahahaha! And I’m putting a camera on them to watch the whole battle.

Ivy: They’re still going to beat you!

Sid: Oh look here they come now.

(Outside the castle the army starts shooting at Jimmy and Violet. Start miming the actions of ducking from the bombs)


(Miss Dash sneaks away and finds a window into the castle and creeps up behind Sid)

(Sid spins around, very surprised)

Sid: How did you get in here?! This is impossible!

Miss Dash: I saw an open window and crawled past the army.

Ivy: Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Ivy: Whoever defeats the king gets to be in charge.

(Violet brings the crown on a cushion to Miss Dash and puts it on her head)

Everyone (except Sid): All hail Queen Dash!

(Everyone except Sid bows to the new Queen)

(Everyone turns to the front and takes a bow together to MASSIVE applause!)