Meowtastic: The Adventures of Sparkly and Friends

Group Play (2017)

Main Character: Sparkly the male Unicorn
Best Friend: Dotman
Antagonist: Nightwing the Valkryie
Biggest Wish: To be free from Nightwing’s spell
Biggest Fear: Darkness

Scene One:

Narrator:       It was a dark and stormy night and Sparkly the unicorn was sleeping in his bed made from cotton candy and clouds in a brightly-coloured bedroom.

Sparkly:         Meow. I’m so glad that was just a dream. Wait a minute. (Sparkly looks at her hoof clock and realises she’s been sleeping for ages.) It’s Monday and I’m late for Dotman’s party!

Scene Two:

Narrator:       Welcome to Dotman’s space house. He is having a housewarming party.

Dotman:        Let’s have some Twister! Oh, welcome in, Sparkly! Did you get those supplies that I asked you for?

Sparkly:         No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid Nightwing struck again, and the window of the shop has been vandalised and it’s now closed.

Dotman:        How dare you! Why didn’t you go to another shop?

Sparkly:         Calm down, Dotman! I can’t go to the shop for you, Nightwing keeps on striking and it’s just too difficult.

Dotman:        Why don’t you just poop out some candy?

Sparkly:         Come on, that’s just too weird.

Scene Three:

Narrator:       Here we are in Nightwing’s hideout, a big castle on a cloud surrounded by thunderstorms.

Nightwing:     (squeaky voice) Get out of my way, servant! And make me some pancakes!

Servant:        Your wish is my command.

Nightwing:     Stop saying that, it’s weird. Just say yes. Besides, I’m very busy and I have lots of work to do. I need to come up with a plan to capture Sparkly. I’ve heard he’s at Dotman’s party tonight.

Scene Four:

Narrator:       Back at Dotman’s house. The party’s in full swing. There are flying dots serving food, candies, and tacos. All types of delicious appetizers. Just then, they heard a loud smash.

Sparkly:         Meow! What happened there?

Dotman:        Let’s go up and check this out.

Sparkly:         (shaking) Meow!

Narrator:       He pooped marshmallows because he was so afraid.

Dotman:        Oh, finally! Thank you!

Sparkly:         Seriously? Come on, we have to investigate this upstairs!

Scene Five:

Narrator:       Up on the roof of Dotman’s house, Nightwing is recovering from her crash-landing.

Nightwing:     Ow! (shaking out her wings)

Sparkly:         Did you hear that? That sounds like Nightwing. Meow!

Dotman:        There she is!

Sparkly:         Meow meow meow!

Dotman:        Hey, what are you doing here Nightwing? You weren’t invited.