The Macaroni Adventures

By Orlaith, Lola, Nathy, Mikey and Juliette (2017)

James Macaroni
Bang Bang Banana
The Wicked Witch of the Galaxy
The Bloodthirsty Giant

Scene 1: James Macaroni and Bang Bang Banana’s Secret Hideout

BBB:                  Let’s go and capture the Wicked Witch of the Galaxy!

JM:                    But first: let’s get some macaroni.

BBB:                  To the macaroni shop!

Scene 2: Macaroni Shop

The shopkeeper is a very tall man. Suspiciously tall. She has two heads!

JM:           Can we have some macaroni, please?

Giant 1:     Here you are, sir. (The Giant hands James some macaroni.)

BBB:         You’re very tall. May I ask who you are?

Giant 2:     (Lying) My name is Jessica….Haircut.

JM:                    Seriously?

Giant 1:              Seriously.

BBB & JM:      Seriously?

Giant 2:              Seriously!

BBB & JM:      Seriously?

Giant 1 & 2:      (In a deep rumbly voice) SERIOUSLY!

The shopkeeper transforms into the Bloodthirsty Giant and puts on his pink tutu. He picks up Bang Bang Banana.

JM:           (Begins to laugh at the tutu, then) Aaaaaaah! I know what to do!

James turns on ballet music, the Bloodthirsty Giant’s one true weakness! The giant starts to sing and dance. He drops Bang Bang Banana.

JM:           Quick! Let’s go!

James and Bang Bang run away from the shop.

Giant 1:     Ah! You’ve fooled me. But I’ll get my revenge!

The Giant steals all the macaroni.

Scene 3: On the Run!

James and Bang Bang are still running away from the macaroni shop.

JM:           How about we team up with the Wicked Witch? She knows everyone in the galaxy and she hates the giant.

BBB:         I don’t know. I don’t really trust her.

JM:           We have no choice. We need that macaroni.

BBB:         We? You’re the one who wants the macaroni!

JM:           Do you want to be my sidekick or not? I promise this will be the last time we go on a macaroni adventure.

BBB:         OK. Fine.

Scene 4: The Lair of the Witch

James and Bang Bang build a rocket to take them to the Witch’s lair.

JM:           Hello, Witch of the Galaxy!

Witch:       Why hello! I’m the flexible Witch of the Galaxy!

JM:           The Giant has stolen all the macaroni from the only macaroni store in the galaxy. We’re going on a quest to get it back and we need your help!

Witch:       Absolutely not! Unless you give me some of the macaroni when we get it back.

JM:           Sure macaroni!

Witch:       And if you betray me, I’ll feed you to my mutated venus fly trap.

BBB:         It’s a deal!

Witch:       Don’t worry about this. I have just the thing.

Scene 5: The Giant’s Lair

They fly back to the Giant’s lair. The Witch disguises them as the Giant’s mother and together, they ring the doorbell. The Giant answers in his tutu.

Giant 2:     Oh! (she covers his tutu) Hi, mother. Would you like to come in?

They hit the Giant with his mother’s walking stick.

JM:           You shouldn’t be eating so much macaroni! Give it to me.

Giant 1:     I don’t like you, mother! That’s the best macaroni!

The Giant starts to cry as they take the macaroni back and leave.

Scene 6: Conclusion

Bang Bang, James, and the Witch go back to the Witch’s lair and take off the disguise. They eat all the macaroni!

The End.