By Alex, Dylan, Anouk, Maya, and Nina (2017)

Biscuit Man, the narrator
Myoxn, the protagonist
Jo King, the best friend and annoying comic relief
Monk the Third
Good Angel

Scene 1:

Biscuit Man steps on stage.

B Man:      Welcome folks, my name is Biscuit Man and before I start I want to remind you all that there will be tea and biscuits after the show and maybe during the show also. So back to the story.

A long time ago, there was a monster called Myoxn and he loved to eat monks. He had a best friend called Jo King. One day Myoxn and Jo King were walking through the forest…

In the Forest…

Myoxn:      Yum yum, where is that delicious Monk the third.

Jo King:     “The monk is on the loose, the monk is on the loose, hey oh me addyo, the monk is on the loose.”

Myoxn:      Stop singing! Stop annoying me!

Jo King:     (Sings same song quietly)

Scene 2:

B Man:               Meanwhile at the Hidden Tower of Doom, the Good Angel realises that the Monk is in danger… oh before I go on, I just need to remind you there will be tea and biscuits after the show and maybe during the show. So back to the story.

The good angel needs to lock the Monk away for his own good. She sellotapes his mouth together to stop the Monk from shouting for help.

Good Angel:      You’re the last monk, have faith in me. Gosh you’ve put weight on.

Monk III:            Why won’t you let me go, why are you putting me in the Hidden Tower of Doom. I’m not that tasty.

Good Angel:      I’m sorry I’m gonna shut you up. (Good Angel puts sellotape on Monk’s III mouth).

Scene 3:

60 years later the monk is feeling great and slim. He had been doing weight training in the cell and survived on love and peace and managed to break free.

Monk III:            I can do 200 press-ups in 60 seconds

NARRATOR:    Myoxn is starving but takes one look at monk III does not feel like eating him anymore.

JO KING:          Hey look! There’s Mr. Slimmy Slim.


Scene 4:

B Man:      So folks, it looks like the Monk is free from Myoxn and ready to spread the word about the benefits of exercise and starvation. And don’t forget folks

Myoxn looks at Biscuits Man.

Myoxn:      What kind of tasty biscuit are you?

B Man:      Aaahhhh I am the worst kind. I am a poisonous biscuit. If you eat me you’ll be poisoned.

Myoxn:      You expect me to believe that.

Jo King:     You know what you deserve it. Go ahead and eat him. I wanna eat him too. I’ve always been a fan of Lionel Rich Tea.

Monk:        Go ahead and eat him.

Angel:       Yeah eat him. I want to eat him too.

Myoxn:      Ok let’s all eat him.

B man:       Nooooooooo!!!!!!

End Scene