Back to the past

2116, Dublin. In the lair of the evil villains.) 

DD: Finally, Squibbly Bob, we’ve finished our time machine (evil laugh).

SB: Now we have to go back in time to 2016 to get the final piece of the hypnosis machine which will hypnotise the whole of Dublin.

DD: I hear it is hidden at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. 

SB: Let’s go! (both do a long hard evil laugh)

WMS: (pops up) Oh no! I need to find my friend Cookie and see if her time machine is working! 

(Wormy exits and Cookie enters, hammering, Wormy enters) 

WMS: Hi Cookie, is your time machine working? I heard some villians back there and they’re going to go back to 2016 to steal an evil piece of a hypnotising machine.

C: Well, you’re just in time cause I’ve just finished it. I think we can take it for a test run! Let’s go!

(Time machine noise. Ali floats in.)

WMS: Look, there’s an alien thingy over there!

C: Hey! 

Ali: Hey!

C: Do you want to come in – we’re trying to save Dublin from two evil masterminds.

Ali: Cool, I would like to help you – let’s go.

(She climbs in. Time machine noise, machine exits. Villains enter.)

DD: Woah, this is 2016. It looks different than I thought!

SB: It’s nothing like where we come from. They’re all humans! I’ll bet they didn’t even know what animals were and could do in 2016.

DD: Come on, we have to go to the Atlantic Ocean so we can steal the hypnosis machine.

SB: Oh yeah!

(Three others come running in with a net.)

All 3: It’s time for you to go down!

(Ali farts and they collapse.)

C: Alien farts are the worst!

(WMS and C throw a net over them.)

WMS: Ok, do you want to go back home to 2116?

C: Wait, what about Ali? Do you want to come home to the future with us?

Ali: Sure!

(The goodies drag the baddies back into a time machine and make the time machine noise. They arrive back in 2116 and exit the time machine.)

WMS: What should we do with the baddies?

Ali: We should lock them up.

C: Let’s throw them in this bin. (Evil laugh.)

SB: Hey, that’s our thing!

DD: Yeah, this IS our thing!

C: Well now it’s our thing!    

(Goodies throw them in the bin and do an evil laugh. A group of animals enters.)

Animals: You’re our heroes. You saved the day. Hurray!