The Anything Everything Castle

By Kaifina, Isabelle, Max, Sadhbh, and Archie
Group Name: Artistic Creative Kids 2018

In a land not so far away there was an Alien and a Flying Pig. The castle had the ability to shapeshift, go under water, and turn into candy.

The castle could do everything in the universe. There was a talking monkey that could fly. There was a knight named Dave afraid of fighting and a lazy king. 

The castle was made of candy. The lazy king ate the candy walls but they grew back.

A girl called Nancy knocked on the door and wondered why the castle was made of sweets.

She said “Hi! I’m Nancy!” And then she asked “Why don’t you make your castle go underwater?”

Because she was jealous that he was able to do what he wanted to go her way. She wanted to make sure it would go underwater. Dave obeyed.

Dave magics Himself into a flying monkey because he doesn’t want his face to be seen.

He would go down in history of the “used to be amazing Dave who let a girl boss him around”. The alien and the flying pig met in an alley. “Do you want to be my friend?” the Alien asked.

“Okay!” replied Dave the Knight.


“Can I be your friend too?” asked the Knight.