The Adventures of Olivia, Squishy and Fluffy

(curtains open to the sound of bombs, war nosies, shooting, crying, bangs...)

NARRATOR: Germany is at war with Brazil. Many have been killed and children have become orphans. It is the year 2050, and there has been one long year at war. 

OLIVIA: (enters) Hi, my name is Olivia. My parents died two months, so technically I’m an orphan, though I do not live in an orphanage. I live on the streets. My life has been very complicated recently with war and trying to provide my own food. Sometimes I think I should probably run away (gunshot sound) Actually, I will run away... Dublin seems nice... (Runs off stage)


FLUFFY: (playing alone in her room)

SQUISHY: (enters FLUFFY’S room) Do your teeth hurt?

FLUFFY: My teeth do hurt. 

SQUISHY: Do you want to go to the dentist?

FLUFFY: Yes sure, Squishy, let’s go. 


(Fluffy sits in the waiting room while Squishy is in the dentists chair, enters DR CAVITY)

DR CAV: (to Squishy in an evil voice) Hello, my name is Dr. Cav. I have made a new type of filling, and you will be the first to try it. 

SQUISHY: Okay... go on? 

DOCTOR CAV: Sit down and don’t be alarmed. 

(“Dr Cav” puts Squishy into the chair and puts handcuffs around her wrists)

SQUISHY: What are you doing? 

CAVITY: Don’t worry, you’ll see!

(Fluffy, in the waiting room hears “bzzzzzzzzz” of the drilling sound). 


FLUFFY: So, how was it?

SQUISHY: (stiff and robotic movements, monotone voice) It was fine. 

(audience sees CAVITY with a remote control, following SQUISHY at a distance)

(The girls leave and walk out to the street. They see a girl, OLIVIA, shivering on the sidewalk, having just been splashed with water by a flying six-decker Dublin bus)

OLIVIA: I’m soaked... I didn’t know this country was sooo wet! (Stuttering, to the girls) E-excuse me, d-d-do you know-ow where I can f-find some sh-shelter?

FLUFFY: That’s Ireland for you! What’s your name?

OLIVIA: M-my m-mother and f-father said I shouldn’t tell s-s-strangers m-my name, or personal information.. Wh-when they were alive...

FLUFFY: That’s okay, we’re safe people. You can stay in my house! We’re just on our way to the circus now, would you like to come? 

OLIVIA: (happier) Oh thank you very much, I would love to come! By the way, my name is Olivia, I’m from Germany so my accent might be hard to understand!

(The three girls walk together to the circus)



TRICKY: (To himself) Ooh... that looks like an interesting bunch... Something’s fishy...

NARRATOR: Tricky could tell there was mind control happening. He has mind controlling abilities

TRICKY: (to the audience) Ladies, gentlemen, sweets and other unusual things before my eyes, welcome to the Amazing Circus Atop the Spire, performed by the one and only, MEEEEE!!

(audience is silent)

TRICKY: (winks) That’s when you clap!


TRICKY: I will now do some mind reading. I need some volunteers! (looks in the crowd)

(the three girls are sitting now, and SQUISHY is behaving oddly... audience sees DR CAV controlling her movements left and right, left and right.)

NARRATOR: Dr Cav has continued to control you can see. 

OLIVIA: (to Fluffy) What’s wrong with her?

TRICKY:  I choose you, young gummy bear! Come on up here, and I will read your mind!

SQUISHY: (monotone) That’s me.

TRICKY: (shouts, with his eyes shut and fingers to his temple) I see a dentist’s office... I see a cavity being filled... I see robotic movements... I FEAR SHE IS BEING CONTROLLED... BY THE EVIL AND MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR CAVITY!

(audience GASPS)

DR CAV: Yes.. it WAS me! I’m sorry... I just have really bad anger issues and I take it all out on my patients and cigarettes!

EVERYONE: (Dancing and cheering as the curtains are drawn)



PSYCHOLOGIST: Why are you getting so angry all the time?

DR CAV: It’s just that no one likes my unibrow!

PSYCHOLOGIST: Well I’m very sorry but you’ll have to get that waxed then!

DR CAV: NOOOOO...Not my unibrow!