Adventure of John and Melissa

NARRATOR: It’s a bright sunny day in Dublin, 2816. The people are happy. An electric Ferrari zooms by and stops outside on the corner by the old Guinness Factory. It is invisible and abandoned. John and Melissa McCarthy step out of the Ferrari

JOHN: Our GPS is broken. I don’t see anything!

MELISSA: It’s right in front of you little brother!

JOHN: No I’m older…by ten seconds!

MELISSA: I can see invisible buildings remember.

JOHN: Well, make it un-invisible.

(Melissa grabs his hand and pulls him through the invisible force field.)

JOHN: Whoa! (The old Guinness Factory comes into view.)

MELISSA: It looks so much bigger in person.

(John and Melissa enter the building.)

JOHN: All the windows are boarded up, there’s no light.

MELISSA: Good thing I brought a torch then.

NARRATOR: In the centre of the room there is a entrance to a tunnel. John and Melissa walk through it. There is a room at the end. They go in…

JOHN: Look at the table Melissa, why so many keys??

MELISSA: I don't know, lets both pick one and we will see which one works.

JOHN: Okay but my key will be right because I’m older.

NARRATOR: John tries his key and it works in the door, Melissa is not impressed. There is a mysterious box in the centre of the dark room. Just as John and Melissa reach for the box, a huge Zonvil comes down from the ceiling.

ZONVIL: You are not allowed here! Get lost or prepared to be devoured!

NARRATOR: A soft breeze blows trash around the room. Melissa looks down and picks up a piece of paper, it said: 

MELISSA: “When acid meets alcohol, the Zonvil will be defeated if you pour it on the eyes.” We could use that! (points at some barrels in the corner, marked: VINEGAR)

JOHN: I have this beer I was going to share with you when we got the recipe, but I guess we can use it to kill the monster.

​ZONVIL: You can’t stop me. My treasure will stay mine for eternity!

NARRATOR: John and Melissa mix the vinegar and beer together as quickly as possible.

JOHN: (Throws the mixture at the monster.) Take that!

​ZONVIL: Ahhh!! My eyes!!

MELISSA: It’s working!

NARRATOR: The Zonvil falls to the ground clutching its eyes.

MELISSA: I have the key for the box. (She unlocks it.)

​ZONVIL 2: You killed my husband! Now prepare to share his fate! (She tries to attack him.)

JOHN: I’ve got the recipe! Run!!!


To Be Continued...