A Dinner Per Decade

By Playwriting Group (2017)

A uniform empty restaurant, refined, fancy, but slightly musky with age. Mediterranean style. The chairs and tables are brightly coloured, green, blue and brown. It is evening.

Character 1: Quentin Wyclef-Smith. Mid 50’s. Wealthy man, English, pin striped suit, carries a cane. Owner of the hotel. This will be written as QWS.
​Character 2: Conor, Mid 20’s. Also a wealthy character, who flashes his wealth and isn’t classy. Wants the whole room to pay attention to him, has a huge ego.

Deal With It

By Finn McGrath (2017)

Two people sit working on their computers in an office. They sit opposite each other with their screens in between them. There is a window beside them, at the back of the stage.

The two characters have a conversation that leads to an argument. Occasionally they draw on incidents or features outside the window for inspiration. Character one sits stage right.

Character 1: 1
Character 2: 2

Mister Orlaith

By Rahil Kassouri (2017)

Character 1: Aiden
Character 2: Orlaith

Orlaith and Aidan are sitting on the bed in Orlaith’s bedroom. Orlaith is wearing shorts and a vest. Aidan is in a t-shirt and jeans. Aidan is ranting about James (his ex that he recently broke up with) and Orlaith is writing. Orlaith has been hearing Aidan go on about James for a while and is really irritated.

Christmas Decorations

By Katherine Bolger (2017)

Character 1: Kirsty
Character 2: Susan

 A small, quiet neighbourhood in Dublin. It’s a dark cold afternoon in mid-December. Kirsty and Susan (mid-forties) are chatting outside a small house (Chris’s house). 

Boxing Clever

By Janelle Quinn (2017)

John: is a 32-year-old man from Clondalkin. He is married to Bianca Reid he is a boxing trainer. He works for his wife in a boxing club.

Bianca: is 30 years old and she is from London. She is John’s wife. She is a boxing trainer and owns her own boxing club.

John and Bianca are sparring in the ring in Bianca’s club where they both work in Tallaght in South Dublin. It’s 8pm. They dance around each other as they practice their boxing. 

A Bad Day at School

By Stephen Moran (2017)


Student (male)

Police officer picks up the phone

Job Interview

By Betty Crichton (2017)

Character 1: Razor
Character 2: Stanley

Razor: I think I’m going to get the coconut pancakes, what about you?

Stanley: Probably the same thing.

Waiter comes over and they place their orders

Joe’s Takeaway

By Ciaran Bolger (2017)

Setting: An old chipper called ‘Joe’s Takeaway’. The shop colour is mainly green. Inside it is your average chipper with a drinks fridge. It is set in the present day.

Character 1: Joe. Mid 40’s, Italian, owns Joe’s Takeaway, wears a green apron with Joe’s Takeaway written on it.

Character 2: Seamus. Mid 70’s, from Limerick, looks like a farmer, has a short temper.

Life sucks

By Dylan Smith Bresnahan (2017)

Scene 4:

*In the back of a Mc Donald’s in Downtown Chicago, an office of the manager*

*Knocks on door of managers office*

*door opens*


By Jenni-Rose Hayden (2017)


Richard: Richard is a tall man in his 30’s who is smartly dressed in suit pants, a crisp white shirt and his suit jacket in his hand. He wears glasses.

Jay: Jay is shorter than Richard but more intimidating than him. Jay’s a heavy smoker of cigars and is unshaven yet doesn’t have a beard. He is bald and is missing several teeth. Jay is a con man.

Hitman: Hitman works for Jay. He wears a white tee and jeans. He is very tall and buff.