Berry Strawberry and the Magical Potions

Once upon a time there was a strawberry who was a girl. She had a husband, his name was Mr Strawberry and her name was Mrs Berry. Mrs Berry Strawberry had magical powers; she could heal and save people. Her best friend was Mr Banana who liked to chase monkeys. Mrs Berry’s greatest wish was to make people fly and her greatest fear was dying.

Leppy´s Quest

By The Scorpions

Once upon a time there was a leprechaun called Leppy who worked for MCE (Mythical Creature Education). His greatest wish was to be promoted to The Boss of MCE. One very unusual thing about Leppy was that he was afraid of gold. This was because his family got very sick when their gold was taken by robbers, so he felt gold was cursed. He had a best friend in work who was a snowman called Carrot. He was the only witness to the attack on Leppy´s family.

Zebra Sandwiches

Once upon a time there was a zebra called Chip. His greatest wish was to be a sandwich that no one would eat. He lived with his best friend Chocolate the Cookie in a candyfloss fort. 

“How can I become a sandwich?” Chip asked Chocolate. 
“I used to be a penguin,” replied Chocolate, “so I ate loads of cookies until I turned into one.”
“I’m afraid of being eaten if I turn into a sandwich,” said Chip.

The Ancient Lemon Chase

In the magical world of Elementopia, where mountains pierced the sky, where lakes were the refuge of countless fiersome creatures, there lived a young brown skinned elf by the name of Glenwing Shadowstalker.

Mission PPM*

By Jessica O’Shea, Evie Kenny, Grace Meighan, Liam Kenny and Daniel McGee - The Digital Minions

“Robin! Get down here, it’s almost time for school, ”shouted his dad. “I am on a tight shift today; I’ve got two important meetings.” 

Dad dropped Robin off at the school gate. 

The Kung Fu Chicken 2014

One morning Kung Fu Chicken heard about the World Tae Kwon Do Championship.

From the moment he saw the sign, Kung Fu Chicken was both nervous and excited. On his way back home, he met Dr Fox.

Dr Fox was an evil fox with brown fur and a red tail. He had red and yellow eyes.

The Rebellion of the Chips 2014

One day Moustachio and his best friend Skeleton Spider Jockey were in Fighting Words, reading the newspaper.

They were reading about  Mr Chipper taking over the world with his army of minion chips.

They decided to stop him.

The Moon Race by The Magic Monkeys 2014

Once upon a time in a jungle far, far away, there was a monkey called Molly.
Molly really wanted to fly to the moon, because there was a candy tree with a house on top of it that she wanted to climb.

She needed help so she called her best friend, Max the lion.

A Creamy Catastrophe by The Creamy Creators 2014

Creamy Chloe the ice cream cone lived in an ice cream van with her father Choco-Chuck. One chilly day, Creamy Chloe met up with her friend Ruby the Rainbow Unicorn at the corner sweet shop.

Ruby was happily skipping on her new stripey skipping rope. Ruby asked Chloe, “But why don’t you like Joe? He’s such a cute little mouse.”

“Well, I find something suspicious about that mouse,” replied Chloe.

Jim and the Dogs by the Paw Patrol 2014

Once upon a time there was a poor boy named Jim. His only friend was his husky named Maisy. Jim’s fear was the Fluffy unicorn man, his dream was to get another dog. He didn’t have a home, he was a hobo. He needs money and food. When he got money normally he would spend it on the dog.

One day he was wandering around and he found a sword sticking out of the ground. Then a bow dropped on his head and some arrows.