Toilet Times

By Darcy, Declan, Maria, Paddy and Ruth

Once upon a time there was a toilet named Tommy. Tommy had a huge problem he needed to solve.

He would never achieve his greatest dream if he could not flush.

Tommy decided to ring his friend Plungy the plunger for help.

“I have a huge problem. A little boy dropped his Mcdonald’s burger in my mouth.

How am I supposed to flush?” asked Tommy.

“It will be very hard but I can try to help you,” replied Plungy.

Five minutes later…

Plungy arrived at the boys’ bathroom and tried to get the burger out.

She jumped in Tommy’s mouth and started to tug on the burger.

Suddenly, Sinky the evil sink appeared.

“Oh no! Sinky is here.

He is going to throw soap at me,” said Plungy.

“How are we going to get rid of him?” replied Tommy.

“I know! How about we let him continue to mess with us so we can figure out his weakness.” Plungy thought.

The next day…

​Sinky was walking down the street when Tommy spotted him.

Then sinky spotted Tommy.

Tommy and Plungy ran while Sinky chased after them.

Unsure what to do next, Tommy and Plungy threw dirt at Sinky.

Unfortunately it did not work and Sinky continued to chase after them.

“I know! How about we use some pebbles?” said Tommy.

Plungy found a small yellow rock on the ground that he used to throw at Sinky, this also did not work.

“How about this chewing gum?”

Asked Plungy as he leaned down to pull it off the road.

They then threw the purple gum at Sinky.

Once it hit Sinky he screamed “Oh no! You have found my weakness!”

Sinky then ran away in fear. “Yes! We found out his weakness and now he is gone!” said both Tommy and Plungy.

Plungy went back to the bathroom and plunged out the hamburger.

After only a few minutes Inspector Toilet Paper heard the great news.

He came and sat on Tommy the toilet so he could start reading his newspaper.

At last Tommy had got his greatest wish, famous Inspector Toilet Paper had come to sit on him.