By Callum, Leo, Nessa, Orla and Steph

The odacova woke to the smell of ginger bread. “Where am I,” he wondered, following his trunk.

He arrived at the sugar-coated house where he met a brother and sister.

“Hello, nice to meet you.”

The siblings took one look at the odacova and screamed the loudest scream a human could and ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

Confused and hurt by the siblings’ abrupt departure, he wandered, lonely through the thick woods.

Unfortunately, the big bad wolf was watching him from behind the trunk of a tree.

“Would salt or pepper be better with this afternoon snack?” pondered the wolf, adjusting his napkin.

Just then, the witch appeared by the wolf’s side. “I think ginger bread would be best.”

“I got here first! He’s mine!” shouted the wolf.

Out of earshot from the wolf and witch’s shouting match, the odacava ventured on.

After a while he came upon a young girl, Snow White. “Excuse me?” he asked, “Do you know where I am?”

“Oh, you are very near the witch’s hut, be careful.

She will capture you and turn you into ginger bread.”

“Thank you for your help,” said the odacava. And on he went through the forest.

Suddenly, there was a loud THUMP.

“Oh deary me, my poor noggin,” exclaimed the Odacava.

Rolling down his trunk was a large pink lady.

“Yum! What luck, a tasty snack” he said.

In ran the witch shouting, “NOOO, that’s not for you.

It’s for Snow White who must be poisoned so that I can be the fairest of them all.”

“Say what now?” the odacava asked puzzled.

“The apple is poisoned,” Snow white copped on and legged it.

Four pointed ears reached from behind the elephant’s trunk.

Following those ears came the sounds of evil laughter from the mouths of the big bad wolf and the little good wolf, as well as those who had been tracking the odacava’s scent.

The witch and odacava turned to face the menacing creatures.

The witch locked eyes with the big bad wolf.

For the first time they recognized a kindred spirit and their hearts melted-as did the ice below them.

“Oh no my love, I’ll save you!” cried the wolf.

“Glug, glug, glug” replied the witch.

“Glug, glug, glug” said the wolf, in turn as he realized he couldn’t swim.

The Odacava and the little wolf watched in delight as their two enemies sank beneath the ice.

“Shall we go and get something to eat?” said the odacava, reaching up for an apple.

As the two new friends started to take a bite of the juicy apple lying on the ground…


The alarm went off and disturbed the boy’s dream.

“I’m never eating avocados for dinner again!” he thought.