The Nameless One

By Cloudy with a Chance of Stories:
Orla, Joseph, Lucy, Blake & Caoimhe

“The world faded black around me and I knew I was dying. I closed my eyes and never opened them again.” 

That was the Nameless One’s last thought in a life that he did not remember.

He woke up in a cluster of trees and glanced sideways, seeing a group of people gathered around a large ornamental fountain. He shouted out to them but they didn’t respond. He looked down at himself and saw two transparent legs with tall grass poking through them. Then he started floating. He went closer and tried to touch the people but his hand went right through them. They shivered as his hand passed through them.

“What was that?” one of the people asked.

“Must have been a cool breeze,” another answered. 

He started floating, feeling angry and confused. He spotted a black figure lurking in the bushes and they locked eyes. 

“Can you see me?” asked the Nameless One. 

“Yes,” said the creature. 

The creature stepped out from the bushes, and it was a bear-like creature wearing a ripped, stripy t-shirt with a flower over her right ear. 

“Who are you?” The Nameless one asked.

“I am Amy, a were-bear,” she said in a posh English accent. “Who are you?”

“I don’t know, all I know is I was murdered.”   

“Would you like to help me find the wishing fountain?” asked Amy.

“Sure,” said the Nameless One. “Where is it?”

Amy shrugged, “eh…I dunno”

Later that day, they were chatting beside the Crystal Pond of Mystery about what they wished for most. 

The were-bear said, “I’m going to wish for a pink unicorn.”

The Nameless One said, “I’m going to wish to start a new life as a living person. 


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