Laugh Your Pants Off with Toronto

By The Marshmallow Tribe:
Muirenn,Daisy, Sean, Enda & Ciara

Once upon a time there lived a pug named Toronto. She had two best friends, Rainbowdia, a unicorn, and Fluff, a marshmallow who thought he was a dinosaur.

In 2050, Toronto was wandering around a fire extinguisher in OurLand when two men captured her and took her to the pound.

The two men owned a St. Bernard named Robert who lived at the pound. When they brought Toronto into the pound, Robert the St. Bernard said with a sarcastic bite, “Oh, I feel so sorry for you.”

Toronto felt scared and alone, and with a loud whimper she scrambled over to the corner. Then Robert continued, “Oh, why don’t you go cry to your mommy. Wait, you don’t have a mommy. Burn!!!”

Toronto hadn’t noticed that a unicorn was hiding in the shadows. Her name was Rainbowdia, and she was quite cool. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size,” she blurted to Robert. She stood as tall as she could, and her horn turned red with anger.

“How could you stand up to him? He’s so scary,” wondered Toronto. 

Rainbowdia replied, “Oh, he’s just a big bully. I’ll take you away from him.” From that day on, they were best friends.

Years later…

They were walking around the park one day, and saw a marshmallow on the ground. He was crying. Rainbowdia nudged Toronto in the side and said, “Now it’s your turn to help somebody.”

Toronto was still just a small dog, but had a big heart and was very brave on the inside. “OK, I’ll do it.”

He ambled over and looked up at the big marshmallow and said, “What’s wrong?” 

“Ow,” the Marshmallow-Who-Thought-He-Was-A-Dinosaur blubbered. “My foot, my foot hurts. There’s a thorn stuck in it.” 

“Our house is nearby, and we have a first aid kit there. Can you crawl over to it? It looks like a fire hydrant?”

After they got to the house, and pulled out the thorn, Toronto started telling some jokes.

“Why did the golfer wear two sets of pants? In case he got a hole in one! Ba-dum chhh!”

“Thank you,” said the marshmallow laughing. He told them his name was Fluff.

Rainbowdia added, “Yes, that was really funny!”

Toronto said, “Thanks a million. I’m practicing to be a stand-up comedian.”

He quickly popped a turkey on his head, and sauntered across the room. Robert and Fluff laughed until they cried.

The End.

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