Harvey Norman’s to the Rescue

By The 8 A Team:
Charlie, Nivriti, Mira, Jana Lena & Liam

Poppy the Pinecone started off in a tree. She fell down, and a human kicked her right into a donut named Jumpy.

“Ow,” cried Jumpy as he turned to look at the pinecone. “Watch where you’re going!”

“I’m sorry,” said Poppy. “Somebody kicked me and that’s why I hit you.”

After that, they became best friends.

One day, Jumpy saw an ice cream stand. “I love ice cream,” he said.

“Me too,” said Poppy. “In fact, I love ice cream so much that I want to become a talking ice cream.”

Suddenly, a box came out of nowhere and hit them. They opened it up and inside was a clue that would lead them to other clues, which would help them find a treasure that would turn Poppy into an ice cream. 

“The next clue is in a tree that’s older than me,” the first clue said.

The friends knew that they could tell how old a tree was by the number of rings, so they set out after they getting some ice cream.

Poppy and Jumpy found a very old tree in a park. Inside, it was empty! They went further down in it and found a rat. Even further down was another clue! 

The clue was unicorn footprints, so Poppy and Jumpy followed the footprints and found a flying, evil unicorn called Magical. He was feasting on waffles. The friends knew they would have to defeat this unicorn to get to the next clue.

They didn’t show any fear and decided to split up. Poppy went behind the unicorn and Jumpy went in front. Suddenly, Magical coughed out a giant, magical sword.

Jumpy and Poppy fought hard, and after they had defeated the unicorn, his horn fell off. Inside it was a clue that said, “In this clue, you have to get through a quiz about both of you.” A light at the end of the unicorn horn pointed them to a quiz wall.

“Do you like chicken?” the quiz wall asked. Jumpy said “no,” because he was a vegetarian, but Poppy said “yes.”

Suddenly, lightning came down and struck Poppy. She was lifted off the ground and became a talking vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Jumpy saw his friend melting and cried, “We need to go to Harvey Norman’s because they have freezers on offer.”

They bought a freezer and cut it in half. From that day on, Poppy wore it as a hat and became very famous because she was a talking ice cream. 


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